Is Switching Between Carry Guns an Issue?

Is Switching Between Carry Guns an Issue?

This is a discussion on Is Switching Between Carry Guns an Issue? within the Defensive Carry Guns forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; I am somewhat surprised by the number of different guns some people in the forum carry often changing on a daily or weekly basis. I ...

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Thread: Is Switching Between Carry Guns an Issue?

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    Is Switching Between Carry Guns an Issue?

    I am somewhat surprised by the number of different guns some people in the forum carry often changing on a daily or weekly basis.

    I carry a number of different Glocks mainly a Model 30 on a regular basis. I think it is important to stay with one type of gun due to consistency of operation, proficiency of use, and common sight plane. It is difficult to maintain consistency using so many different operating systems, safeties, sight differences differences in carry methods, and action types.

    I would be interested in feed back from other members.

    By the way, my models 30, 26 and 27 are all carried in Fobus outside the waist band holster or fanny pack when I am at the gym. I
    should also mention that I am a black belt in two martial arts but still feel the need to carry concealed.

    I am also interested in concealed carry techniques when wearing a suit.

    Thanks for listening and I look forward to you replies.

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    Welcome aboard genghis!

    If I choose to carry a different system, I practice with it first. I can change between weapon systems without any significant issues. I trend not to but I can do it.
    ALWAYS carry! - NEVER tell!

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    Welcome Genghis...

    I switch between systems without issue, but I've been carrying and shooting for years...
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    I carry either a CZ75 P-06, my primary EDC or a CZ75 P-01 as my secondary gun. Identical guns other than caliber.

    As far as carry while wearing a suit, I'd go with a IWB tuckable holster. That is what I use almost exclusively, regardless of how I'm dressed.
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    I've settled on the Glock platform as my primary SD weapon for CC and home defense. I compete with both guns (G27 and G34) on a regular basis ... both IDPA and IPSC, so I know exactly how they function.

    However, when I need to tuck in my shirt or wear a suit or golf shirt, etc. I find a Smart Carry with a S&W 340 PD is not that hard to shoot. The principle is the same as the Glock --- point, press the trigger, and keep shooting until the fight has ended.
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    WA state
    I don't find switching to be an issue at all.

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    There is an old saying "beware of a man who owns only one gun. He probably knows how to use it". Most of us are capable of switching betweens platforms, but I choose not too. A nice Galco Shoulder harness could work well in a suit
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    Welcome aboard.

    I agree that it is best to be as consistent as possible. All my defensive handguns are DAO, no external safeties. Point and shoot.

    As far as suit carry - it depends on how discrete you need to be. "Concealed" is not the same as "covert."

    I've tried a bunch of holsters, and the only things that work are a Smartcarry (with a Glock 26) or pocket carry of my LCP. My needs are more covert - can't risk a "bump frisk" or the like.
    The number of people killed because they didn't have "enough gun" is dwarfed by those who had none at all.

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    Switching around is not and issue for me. I started with a 1911 so my Colt Delta Elite and 380 Gov Model are second nature to me. I have a couple revolvers and couple of Glocks I also carry. I shoot them a lot, so thats not an issue. I am a little sloppy at reloading the 5 shot Mod 60. I am fairly smooth with GP 100 reloads.
    Most of the folks I see having trouble started out with a double action, no safety and change over to a gun with a safety.
    I usually carry a gun until it is way in need of cleaning, 2 or 3 weeks for me. Usually during that time I have drawn and fired the gun several times. I always carry on the same body position unless I am carrying a backup at crossdraw.
    So even though I do switch around the routine is basically the same.
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    I enjoy shooting and do so often so changing CC guns is not a problem for me. 100% IWB 45 Kimber Compact/Crimson Trace when not at work. 100% Smart Carry Kahr PM9/Laserguard at work and as BUG. But also.....

    Keep the 12ga close

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    I believe that if you practice with it, then it does not matter what type of system you carry.
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    The way I figure it, if I can not dot the eyes at 7yards then I probably should not be carrying the gun at all. Most gun fights happen at 10 yards or less with 7yards being the mean. If I need to shoot out beyond 10 yards I probably need a rifle anyway, though if pressed I am sure I can get on an B-27 at 25 yards.

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    from Central Florida!

    Not really a problem, for a while I was switching between a Kimber and a Glock...

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    I don't find switching between the girls to be a problem. I've limited my options to just the revolvers for now and I carry them in the same location, they all function the same way.
    I refuse to carry anything I'm not 100% confident in, the firearm itself and how accurate I shoot it. so I've shelved the Kimber until I gain some confidence with it.
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    No problem. I also only carry revolvers, same operating system, same carry position. Rugergirl got it right.

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