Ruger p95

Ruger p95

This is a discussion on Ruger p95 within the Defensive Carry Guns forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; I am thinking about doing some trading and getting a P95 do any of you DC'ers own one and if so how do you like ...

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Thread: Ruger p95

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    Ruger p95

    I am thinking about doing some trading and getting a P95 do any of you DC'ers own one and if so how do you like or hate it. Thanks for the in put!!

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    We it is a great pistol. Built like a tank. After several thousand rounds and a year of IDPA shoots, I loaned it to a friend. He shot the fire out of it and I later sold it to him. I wanted a carry pistol and for me the P95 was big for a concealed carry pistol.

    Here are the pluses, the gun shoots everything. It is completely reliable, Ruger stands by their products, did I mention it is built like a tank? I think you will like the pistol.

    -- Richard
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    I have had one since soon after they were introduced, has always run great. I traded it to my mother; her stainless steel full size revolver was getting to heavy for her.

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    I have owned two of them years back. Loved the way they shot! Accurate very dependable weapons. But as said before...they are a little large to conceal. But damn nice pistols.
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    Ditto what RKirk said. Had mine for years and it shoots everything I put through it. And being polymer the recoil is quite light.

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    Mine works great just replaced the recoil springs, didn't need to but did it anyway, even fires without some of the pieces in it! Like other said built like a tank utterly reliable with any factory ammunition i've tried no matter how many different kinds i put in the same magazine. While it is a little on the large side i don't find it any harder to conceal than my 45XD, easier actually if only b/c it weighs less. Its going to be my IPSC gun as well

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    I have an older model I bought used a few years ago. As stated above, awesome, reliable, durable, accurate...just a little large for CC. I use mine for groundhog. I've talked to a few buddies about selling mine since I have other CC guns (PT709, XD40sc, 442). Hard to part with such a great piece. You can't go wrong with it.
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    Very reliable, but bulky to carry.
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    It's not the prettiest gun I have, but it's one of my favorites to shoot. Mine is the original de-cocker (no manual safety) models and it is utterly reliable.

    As others have pointed out, it's a tad large and heavy for IWB concealed, but for OWB it's doable.

    It's one of the better bargains around. One of my local dealers sells it for $269.
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    Had one for several yrs. Actually sold my Glock 17 & kept the P-95 when those mags got up to $100 during the ban. Just as good a good for durability and flat top/sights make it faster on target. Hi-cap mags about $12 all day long. Not quite as accurate as a Glock 19, but used it to qualify with last 3+times. Always about high 90+%. Fast sight picture, low recoil, very fast mag change, ambidextrose mag release, easy care (in stainless) and fast take-down/reassembly. It has rounded edges, good to carry IWB in a soft foam holster too-it's not that big-you get used to it. Little large for every day carry. Suggest the Kel-Tek P11.

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    Owned one about 2003, couldn't carry my Glock on the job, picked it up for around $450, great li'l shooter, tough for a 9mm, sold it to a buddy for his sons first gun.
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    Had one for 10 years but sold it a while back,It was just sitting there collecting dust as it was a bit too big too carry, but as everyone else said it was 100% 100% of the time.
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