SIG P238 Owners, I need help.

SIG P238 Owners, I need help.

This is a discussion on SIG P238 Owners, I need help. within the Defensive Carry Guns forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; Everyone that owns a P238 please bear with me, but I think my P238 may have an issue. I also want to see if only ...

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Thread: SIG P238 Owners, I need help.

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    SIG P238 Owners, I need help.

    Everyone that owns a P238 please bear with me, but I think my P238 may have an issue. I also want to see if only mine, or if everyone else that owns a P238 has this same issue as well, so bring them out and check this with me
    For clarification, my pistol serial number does NOT fall under the recall numbers, so I am in the clear under this possible reason as well.

    OK.. Here is my problem, and please follow along:

    First and foremost, make sure your P238 is unloaded and the magazine is removed. Make sure the safety is OFF and the hammer is down as well. Make sure the the pistol is in closed battery and not held open with the slide stop. Next, pull the hammer back slightly until you hear a small click. There should be a 1/8th inch gap between the firing pin and the hammer. Lift the safety into the ON position and pull the trigger.

    What did yours do?

    On mine, the hammer falls that 1/8th inch onto the firing pin even though the safety is engaged. Is this normal? If a round was chambered, the gun may go off. I know that it may not be enough to set a round off, but for some weak primer out there it may just be enough to set her off… Is this something that I should see about sending the pistol back to SIG for repairs, or is this normal?

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    Yeah, thats normal. I believe its meant to catch the hammer in the event it falls by trigger or sear failure, its on some 1911s as well.
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    Mine does it also...I'm not worried about it... this is an awesome little pistol...Robbie

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    Remember...the only dumb question is the one you failed to ask. It's good to know your gun through and through and this will help you/others understand it's workings in more detail.

    Good question...

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    My Springfield TRP (1911) does the very same thing - scared the whee outta me until I could talk to the good service people at SA. Seems that some of their models have a "quarter cock" (or equivalent) hammer position, from which the hammer will fall when the trigger is depressed. Sounds like your P238 has a similar arrangement... why not call Sig to be sure?
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    Here's a question for you.

    I have a Sig Mosquito (which I love), and I believe it's the same thing here.

    When the safety is engaged, you can pull the trigger, and the hammer will fall. Both DA and SA.

    The Sig is built with a "firing pin disconnect", when the safety is on, the firing pin is not effected be the hammer falling.

    Am I correct here?
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