So I was looking in my bedside safe, and realized that I have a Croatian made gun, an Austrian made gun, a Swiss/German made gun and ONLY 1 American made gun - so I went out and bought a S&W M&P .40. It feels great in the hand, the controls are easy for me to manipulate with my small hands, and has the capacity I need. The finish on the slide is wonderful and I have quickly come to like the "fish scale" slide serrations.

Right now it is missing the all important night sights (for me at least) and I need leather gear for it. So it may be a few weeks before it gets a proper break in.

I am looking at getting a pair of "SureSights" with the tritium inserts, but the darn website is either under construction, off line or they have gone out of business!!! any one have any recent information on them? I even tried the phone number (not in service) and sent em an email (so far no reply).

Any other great idea's for sights? I am pondering possibly giving (shudder) TruGlo TFO's ONE MORE CHANCE. I currently have MeproLights on my XDm, Trijicon's on my Glock 22, and SigLite's on my P229. I like the MeproLights the best of that batch, but I am looking for something different for the smith.

Any how, sorry to ramble - range report and pictures will be along as soon as I get to the range and have something to report.