Coming to love this snubbie

Coming to love this snubbie

This is a discussion on Coming to love this snubbie within the Defensive Carry Guns forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; I'm gradually undergoing a spiritual conversion that you guys can feel free to talk me out of! I've carried autos my whole life, mostly glocks. ...

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Thread: Coming to love this snubbie

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    Coming to love this snubbie

    I'm gradually undergoing a spiritual conversion that you guys can feel free to talk me out of! I've carried autos my whole life, mostly glocks. Love 'em. My wife carries a S&W 642 J frame snubbie with Crimson Trace sights, which I never took very seriously, because I've shot 45's since forever. Well, I tried the thing out, and was floored. Very controllable with 38's, unbelievably concealable. Except for the caliber size, it seems to have it all over my glock 36: similar capacity, easier to conceal, +P rounds aint nothing to sneeze at, and can be fired while inside a pocket because there's no slide to cycle. (Reloading is a non-issue for me - I've never in my life met or heard of a civilian who had to reload during a defensive situation.) Most amazing of all, the trigger action was beautiful - although it's double action-only because it's hammerless, I never realized that the trigger let's you sort of take up the slack to the point just before the hammer fall, so you can shoot it almost as if it is a single action! (My wife had some trigger work done when she got the gun and the trigger pull is glass smooth and 6 lbs.) Plus, I think it looks nice. There's been a lot of talk on the board over time about revolvers and snubbies, and I feel myself being drawn to the dark side...

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    Yea, I love my G36 too and consider it my favorite CCW. My 642 gets carried a lot though for many of the reasons you mentioned. I have never felt under-gunned having my snubbie in my pocket!
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    Welcome to the dark side; once you have tasted the "elegant simplicity" of a snubbie you are hooked. AND , I agree with you; the need for reload is so remote it is a non starter!
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    And, while one likely won't require a reload, the snub can be reloaded efficiently and with fair rapidity with an appropriate speed loader.

    I'm one to talk as I can fumble speed loading with the best of them.

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    I know exactly what you mean. I'm leaning very very heavily towards buying and carrying a snubby...the 642 to be exact.

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    I LOVE my M&P 340. I just told my fiancee I cant wait for summer and cargo shorts weather...wont sweat all over my good leather holsters and Glock or Sig.
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    I keep being drawn to the dark side to.

    I have feeling for a Charter Arms Bull Dog 44SP.

    I would have one now if I could get plentiful ammo for it.

    44sp or 45 Colt IMO is very effective without over penetration.

    Someone said S&W was making a new 5 shot in 44sp.
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    My wife carries a 642 every day, unless I carry it , great light weight
    and really concealable.
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    Count me in...

    I'm a believer. The ease of concealment of a 642 is remarkable.

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    Yeah, i carried my XD(m) 9mm exclusively (20 rounds in one package) before buying a 442. Now I realize that there really won't ever be a time when I'm dressed in jeans and a T-shirt where I'll need more than 5 rounds. And the thing just disappears. Everyone was saying that for years before I bought one- not sure why I ever held out to begin with, but so glad I bought into the love of the snub.

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    If you like the 642 check out the 649, I believe it is the perfect snubbie, at least for my needs. All SS, I am not a fan of air weights, recoil can be brital with SD rounds which makes quick accurate double taps very difficult, I much prefer a heavier gun, plus the shrouded hammer gives you the ability of SA without having a snag problem. I carry mine in a Mika pocket holster and it is with me all the time.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Ringside View Post
    Welcome to the dark side; once you have tasted the "elegant simplicity" of a snubbie you are hooked. AND , I agree with you; the need for reload is so remote it is a non starter!
    Remote maybe, but sure hope you train for it. If not, that could cost you more then you want to pay.

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    +1 with Pogo2, the ease of concealment is just right.

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    I agree I love snubs for carry they're small,easy to conceal,stone reliable and they pack a punch with good ammo. I figure if I can't solve a problem in five rounds I'm gonna be having a bad day.

    I put a S&W 340PD on layaway last week,its used in like new in box shape with the CT LG-405 boot grips. I got it for $580 OTD. I also plan on getting a 640 or 60 for range use cross training.

    How ever due to its light weight the 340PD will be my pocket/OWB carry gun,when I get my carry permit reinstated this week.
    Snub nose revolvers,the original concealed carry guns.

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    Yes, 642 is a great gun. I carry mine from time to time, when not carrying my Glock or LCP. Each has their +'s and -'s.

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