Do you routinely carry a reload for your snubby?

Do you routinely carry a reload for your snubby?

This is a discussion on Do you routinely carry a reload for your snubby? within the Defensive Carry Guns forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; How many of you who carry a snubby routinely carry extra ammo? AND, if you do; how do you carry it? Speed loader?, strips?, loose? ...

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Thread: Do you routinely carry a reload for your snubby?

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    Do you routinely carry a reload for your snubby?

    How many of you who carry a snubby routinely carry extra ammo? AND, if you do; how do you carry it? Speed loader?, strips?, loose? My guess is that most dont carry extra ammo.
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    When I chose to carry my 640-1, I dropped a rubber speed strip in my coat pocket. I don't really know why, because for me I was not the fastest reloader using that device. Piece of mind I suppose.
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    Snubby reload

    Quote Originally Posted by Ringside View Post
    How many of you who carry a snubby routinely carry extra ammo? AND, if you do; how do you carry it? Speed loader?, strips?, loose? My guess is that most dont carry extra ammo.
    With either my 640-1 or my mdl 10-6 2" I carry 2 speed strips,one in a pouch and one in my cargo pocket.

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    Speed strip in the strong side pocket for me.
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    On rare occasions I'll carry a reload in an HKS speed loader when traveling. I'm not adept with them but they do hold the ammunition conveniently and offer a bit of efficiency to the reload.

    Mostly, I don't carry additional ammo.

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    I always have a speed strip in my strong side pocket. When the clothes i'm wearing permit it, I'll add an HKS speedloader for a total of 15 rounds.

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    I have tried 3 things. Here are the results

    Speed loader = fast reload speed. You load all 5 or 6 rounds at once
    Speed strip = medium reload speed. You load 2 at a time
    loose rounds = "get you killed" reloading speed. You are dropping most of the rounds while trying to reload.

    The idea of a reloading device is not only speed but the rounds are in the same direction when reloading... you arn't pulling a round backwards out of your pocket and have to fumble with it to get it to face the right way
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    Speed Strip usually, sometimes a cartridge slide, too, and rarely, speedloaders.

    When I last carried snubbies daily, instead of service-type pistols, 2002-2007, I usually carried two snubbies, sometimes three, plus Speed Strips.

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    When I carry my S&W Model 10-5 4" not concealed but car carry, I also carry 2 speed loaders.

    Still working on best method of car carry, speed loader go in right jacket pocket, winter time, don;t know about summer yet.

    10-5 is new to me and I am learning how to use it effectively and looking for a good conceal and carry system for its 4" barrel.
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    Yes, but I hope I never have to use it...

    I always carry a speed strip with a snubby, and sometimes a speed loader. I hope I never have to reload a revolver while somebody is shooting at me, however. If this does happen, I would try to find cover before reloading.

    The one movie scene I can recall in which somebody was reloading a modern revolver during a long gunfight was in "The Way of the Gun". In the final scene the James Caan character is firing at his opponents from a second story window in a building. He empties his revolver and then ducks behind a wall to reload. When loaded, he pops into the window again and fires.
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    On the [very rare] occasions I carry a snubbie as a primary, I carry a Jet-loader and a slow-strip or two.

    If I'm just carrying it as a BUG, I'll just throw a strip in my pocket.
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    I carry a speed strip with the pistol in my "Pockaroo" holster. I also have a speed loader in the center console of my car.

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    No extra rounds for me and my S&W Model 60. I figure I could never reload fast enough anyway.

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    When the 642 is in my pocket I always have the speed loader with it.
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