Anyone have experience with the Stoeger Cougar

Anyone have experience with the Stoeger Cougar

This is a discussion on Anyone have experience with the Stoeger Cougar within the Defensive Carry Guns forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; No hearsay please. Only those that have actually owned or shot one....

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Thread: Anyone have experience with the Stoeger Cougar

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    Anyone have experience with the Stoeger Cougar

    No hearsay please. Only those that have actually owned or shot one.


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    There has been discussion about them in past threads. If you go back you can find them. I almost bought one but $$ at that time did not allow. Seems most that have them like them. Just a bit bulky for CC is what I recall...

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    I love mine an dit's what I carry. Even though it's got a 3 1/2 " barrel, consider it full size due to the grip. I seem to have little problems concealing it.
    It shoots great, eats everything, and is simple to breakdown and clean. Built on the same machines beretta used. Manual safety/decocker. DA first round, SA after, or you can cock the hammer for SA first round but I would not carry that way. DA trigger pull is a little long but not as long as Ruger, but it is smooth.
    For around $400 you get a berretta, built by Stoeger (cheaper labor). The new 2 tone models look nice. Mine is an 8040.
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    I am looking for one in 9mm. They are as good as the Italian made Cougars but much cheaper. Actually they were around $325 when they first came out, they have gone up a bit from then. You can't go wrong with this gun. I have shot a couple boxes through a friends gun and double taps with Speer Gold Dots were very quick and accurate.
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    have the 8000 model and love it, have put well over 700 rounds through it with a lot of blazers and remmington ammo and speer sd rounds, comfortable to shoot and very reliable. I have 3 different holsters for carry options, pistol wear pouch, sob holster by ace and a vertical shoulder holster.
    very simple and easy to clean. By far the best purchase i have made yet.

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    have both 9mm & .40 s&w. both are excellent. just found out that they are making a .45acp model. have already ordered one from sporting goods store.

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    Ditto to what everyone has said. I have in it .40. About 700 rounds through it (WWB, Blazer Brass and Aluminum, Federal, Remington) No FTF or FTE. I carry it every day in a Supertuck. My son is an LEO and has Glocks and he liked the way it felt and shot also.

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    I have had a Beretta Cougar 8000 now for about 15-16 yrs. It has not only held up in terms of quality, it still looks brand new. It has always shot any ammo I put in it reliably without fail. It has always been an accurate , good shooting gun. My finger length is bad on the DAO - 1st shot, but past that I"m fine. Everything on this gun would compare to any new gun out there, that's how well it has lasted, which says quite a bit about the quality they are made and if you treat them right.

    I have developed a habit that if anything lights up my caution lights, the decocker gets flipped off.... ready to fire if pulled. Sometimes, I just decock the hammer and then carry it that way with the decock / safety off. It's never been an issue.

    Highly recommend the gun for quality, reliability, as well as said before... easy to clean and maintain.

    I also have the PX4-sub compact, and it's very similar to the Cougar in several respects, just a bit smaller and a bit easier to conceal. Same level of quality, etc. and I would highly recommend it.

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