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Attributes of a home defense handgun?

This is a discussion on Attributes of a home defense handgun? within the Defensive Carry Guns forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; I too find the 1911 to be the best combat weapon for any situation I might find myself in. It's my primary carry and it ...

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Thread: Attributes of a home defense handgun?

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    I too find the 1911 to be the best combat weapon for any situation I might find myself in. It's my primary carry and it is at my side at night while I sleep!

    ALWAYS carry! - NEVER tell!

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    Quote Originally Posted by txgolfer45 View Post
    what attributes are important to you when selecting a home defense handgun?
    For me:
    • Gun type: Semi-auto pistol.
    • Trigger/action type: DA/SA, or DAO.
    • Capacity: 10rds+ preferred, though I have a couple with 6+.
    • Sights: 3-dot tritium "night" sights.
    • Caliber: 9mm or .380ACP.
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    Quote Originally Posted by BugDude View Post
    You're the second person I've heard that has a G23 that jams with a light on the rail. Is that a common issue for that model?
    Glock 40's (23, 22, 35s) are prone to jam with a tactical light. Seems that frame needs flex and the light interferes.

    No problem with 9mm, and 357 Sig, or 45. Just the 40s...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Thumper View Post
    I too find the 1911 to be the best combat weapon for any situation I might find myself in. It's my primary carry and it is at my side at night while I sleep!


    What holster/setup is that?


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    At the bedside, It is alway going to be a 1911 FullSize 5" .45 acp. My choice is Kimber TLE TX II Custom w/ nightsights. I like my Kimbers it with the rubber grips when it is hard to see in the dark.

    Near that are two things, a 12 ga Remington 870 Crusier and a louisville slugger baseball bat.

    I have many other loaded guns in the house but this is what I keep near me in the bedroom.

    In my home office I keep A 9mm in my desk.

    In the kitchen, I keep a 9mm and of course knives.

    In the basement, I keep a coupe .22's and a 9mm.
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    This is what I look for in a home defense handgun:

    - Buttstock
    - 5.56mm caliber
    - 11.5" barrel
    - 30 round magazine
    - Micro Aimpoint
    - Surefire white light

    Just kidding (not really). I keep long guns mainly for home defense, but I realize that HD pistols do have a niche to fill. They're really the only choice for answering the door or stepping outside with on most occasions.

    A home defense handgun should be full size and have a white light mounted. Holding a pistol in one hand and a light in the other can make other actions difficult or impossible. Its also easy to misplace a flashlight or have it used for some other purpose and never make its way back where it belongs. I'm not saying that you shouldn't also have a handheld light, just that you should have a weapon mounted one.

    It should also be operable by everyone in your home who might have occasion to need it. This may disqualify some semi-auto's if you have a household member who can't retract the slide (if your situation demands keeping it in Cond. 3) Revolvers are typically good for women who may have low hand strength, but are poor choices if there are children in the house. Its all a big compromise depending on your situation.

    In my situation - wife not very firearms capable and two elementary school age children - I keep an HK carbine and a G34 both with lights (both in Cond. 3) for home defense. My wife can operate both weapons fairly easily without worrying about safeties yet neither of my children are capable of loading them (yet).

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    I also utilize my carry gun as my nightstand gun. Glock 26 is my choice. For me, familiarity is the issue at hand. I do add a G19 mag w/ sleeve to up the capacity a bit since size is irrelevant in a nightstand gun.

    However if I owned a G19 or G17, either one would become my nightstand gun simply because of capacity.
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    Quote Originally Posted by NY27 View Post
    I have several hand guns, but none are strictly designated as HD. Whatever I carried that day will go in the gunvault and the spare ammo is on the belt of a pair of pants on my dresser when I go to bed. Usually it is a Glock 23, 27 or 19.

    I used to keep one handgun out at all times. It used to be in my nightstand. Then my son started to walk around so I elevated it. Now he is climbing so I bought the gunvault to provide quick access. The rest of my weapons are in 2 larger safes.

    But while I'm awake the weapon is on my hip. Once I retire for the evening it goes in the gunvault.
    I'm pretty much the same. There is a gunvault on each side of the bed, his and hers. At any point there are 5 in my safe and 4 in his that are within reach from the bed. My safe being fuller has one sitting crosswise on the top shelf that blocks the two behind it and would need to come out first. That gun can vary, but it is the one that I carried on the previous day. Those 9 are all options to get us to 2 shotguns, an AR-15 and an AK-47 6 feet away.
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    Big is good

    Since I don't have to carry the weapon around, I like everthing big for a HD handgun - big caliber, long barrel, and heavy. For me that's a S&W 625 5 inch 45 ACP revolver. A bonus is that my wife likes to shoot it too - not much recoil and a really nice trigger.

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    Familiarity is the biggest factor for me. I carry a G19 daily, I shoot it the most & I've trained with it so it does HD duty as well.
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    My daily carry Glock 19 is my nightstand gun most of the time. I generally don't run weapon mounted lights on my handgnus for a variety of reasons, but keep a white light handheld next to the gun.

    I prefer a mid to full size semi-auto with night sights. Any good defensive caliber 9mm, .40, .45.

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    Quote Originally Posted by txgolfer45 View Post
    what attributes are important to you when selecting a home defense handgun?
    • Reliability
    • Caliber 9mm or above, preferably above
    • High capacity auto, preferably at least 13-14, with spare mags handy
    • No revolver unless it's an additional gun. I don't want my life to depend upon me quickly reloading a revolver in the dark under stress.
    • Night sights or laser
    • Light attachment
    • Trigger type doesn't matter

    If I'm in the country and/or concerned about large animals, I'd add a .357 or 44 mag revolver.

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    Hello, I’m a Mac and own a revolver(s). Still, I recognize the benefits of a semi-auto, as it was my style for more than 20-years! Today, not so much for reasons other than practical. Then again, never before would I consider an AR or shotgun. Today, not so much as I look at 5.56 variants and 12-gage riot sticks. Imagine, there was a time where I owned guns as a hobby.
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    If you want a home defense gun get a good pump 12 gauge like a Remington 870. My wife keeps one under her side of the bed and the german shepherd and I sleep very soundly but, we try not to make her angry.

    I keep my regular concealed carry (Glock 30) in the night stand on my side.


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    Answer : which gun can you quick shoot with the most accuracy ? That's the gun to use.

    Be prepared for more than 1 BG , so minimal reloading is good.

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