New G30SF - Range Report

New G30SF - Range Report

This is a discussion on New G30SF - Range Report within the Defensive Carry Guns forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; About 3 months ago, I set about the task of choosing a 'classic' 1911 .45. However, as I over-analyzed (as I tend to do), I ...

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Thread: New G30SF - Range Report

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    New G30SF - Range Report

    About 3 months ago, I set about the task of choosing a 'classic' 1911 .45. However, as I over-analyzed (as I tend to do), I came upon a 'purist' philosophy that I really didn't want external safeties. When I pull a gun out, I'm ready to shoot. I decided that I didn't want a procedure that I must go thru to unlock the weapon (bear in mind that I was trained on the 1911 and carried on duty for 5 years). I still think that the Colt 1911 is the most beautiful handgun that I've ever laid eyes on, and I love the heritage that it carries - I'm still gonna get one.

    But now that I've taken 'beauty' off the checklist, I'm quickly onto Glock . I know some folks hate the grip angle, etc.. but I swear that angels sing every time that I pick one up. My EDC is a G19, and it has proven to be the most reliable weapon that I've ever owned (thousands of rounds - never a hiccup). It wasn't a reach to look at the G30. First off, I can personally dispell the notion that the grip is too wide. I don't have huge hands and it fits perfect (weight lifters know that a wider bar allows for better control). Also, it's a 10+1, compact-double-stack-230-grain-ashtray-flinging-angel-of-death. Of course, it's gonna have a wide grip! Secondly, I can now address the rumor that it's built too tight to really carry 10+1. It can and there's a trick to it. You load 9 in the mag, slam it in & rack it. Now drop the mag and put two more rounds in the mag and slam it home with authority. Done. I was able to push 10 in each mag with just my thumbs (although the loader is still recommended).

    Now for the range... I sent each round out under the 10+1 config to see if it would choke. Of course, it didn't. Brand new, out-of-the-box-no-break-in-150-rounds-of-perfection. What really surpised me was that I was getting better groups with quicker follow-up than I could with the G19. I'll let the experts figure that one out?

    My original intention was to just purchase a .45 because my dad decided he couldn't live without the Colt that he had previously handed-down to me. But now I've decided that I'm gonna find nice IWB for it, because this is gonna be my new EDC. I'll take 10+1 of .45 over 15+1 of 9mm, plus I'm more accurate with it anyway (still can't figure that one out). Ramrod - if you're reading this, you've gotta get one of these!

    Pics below, some with the G30 on the left in comparison with the G19:
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails New G30SF - Range Report-dscf1127.jpg  

    New G30SF - Range Report-dscf1129.jpg  

    New G30SF - Range Report-dscf1132.jpg  

    New G30SF - Range Report-dscf1133.jpg  

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    Great report! That's a very nice looking duo you got there. Enjoy your new EDC.
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    Nice choice! My two favorite Glocks! My G30 SF is one of the most accurate pistols I've owned. It actually fits my hands a bit better than my G19. If I could only have one......I dunno.
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    I have the G30. Very enjoyable to shoot, recoil is mild. Then again, I'm used to a Blackhawk .41 Mag. I'm no super shot, but any chest the size of a paper plate is in serious trouble.

    I've held the SF 30 and honestly, with my medium-size hands, can't feel much difference. I guess in a "small" hand it may make a more noticeable difference. If it fits better, get it.

    A double-stack anything is going to feel bigger. What do people expect?
    And, after loading nine rounds initially and letting them sit overnight, my mags take 10 rds with no problem.

    A lot of people think a Glock is "ugly." No, it doesn't have the lines of a 1911, but to me it looks like a gun, a very functional one at that. Can't simplicity have its own beauty?

    One FTE in hundreds of rounds, and that's because it surprised me and caught me in a "limp-wrist." Never even considered having to worry about a "break-in" period.

    Would I like to have a 1911? You betcha! And when my Lotto numbers come in, I'm getting one of everything! but until then, the Glock 30 will do anthing and everything I ask of it.
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    The 19 and 30 were my first two Glocks. I still carry the 19 the most, but as you said 11 rounds of .45 ACP is a nice little package.

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    WHEC724 I'm leaning heavily towards a Glock 30SF as a carry gun it sounds like a great little package indeed.
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    GLOCK - pretty? Uh, no.

    Get-the-job-done no-matter-what-reliable? You betcha!

    Now is it a better gun that a Colt, well .........
    I wouldn't go that far!

    I like my GLOCKs, but I like my Colt more.

    Whatever works for you, though!

    Thanks for the report.
    *WARNING - I may or may not know what I am talking about.

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    Yeah, I finally got a decent IWB holster for my G27, and while I love to tote my revolvers, I have to admit that I'm starting to reach for the G27 more. 10 rounds of .40 is hard to beat, unless it's .45 of course!
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    I love my G30SF as my carry piece, it's very light on your hip. It conceals very well at the 3-330 with an AKJ Concealco holster. AKJ Concealco LLC - Concealment gun holsters, personal defense related equipment, and other gunleather. Don't forget you can use the G21 13 round mags for reloads. That's what I do and it works very well.

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    Nice enjoy!!!
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    It IS really nice having a pistol be reliable right out of the box, isn't it?

    Congrats on your new Glock!
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    Great report... A G30 is on my short list... I already have the 1911's...
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    yes, the g30 is a good gun.
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    I can't say enough good things about my G30.
    Hope you enjoy yours as much as I do mine.

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