Labeling Magazines

Labeling Magazines

This is a discussion on Labeling Magazines within the Defensive Carry Guns forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; Anyone Label their magazines? If so how do you do it? I was thinking of using one of those label makers but not sure if ...

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Thread: Labeling Magazines

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    Labeling Magazines

    Anyone Label their magazines? If so how do you do it? I was thinking of using one of those label makers but not sure if it would last. Any ideas or is labeling magazines a stupid idea?

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    Yep, I label and, nope, don't think it's stupid. I bought nine extra magazines for my Springfield EMP bringing my total to 11. I have two that will not lock the slide back when empty, so marking them helped me to identify which ones were defective (or problematic).
    I used a fine tip paint marker to number the bottom of each magazine.

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    It's actually a great idea. I actually bought some star stickers at Target. I put them on the bottom of the magazine. It's useful for identifying any magazines you may have trouble with.

    You can also put a dab of nail polish on the bottom... if you have any around the house.

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    Mine are all labeled with the gun it fits, caliber, and round count. I use the little return address labels and a Flair.

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    I used white testor's model airplane paint to label each with a number. Keep in mind, it's hard to totally remove dried/aged paint completely from the plastic base plate if you change your mind. You could use a labeling machine. It's easy and the label can be peeled off at a later time.
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    I make tiny labels from a Avery address label. I just type the numbers I need, 1 thru whatever for a particular gun then cut them out seperately and stick them on the base. One Avery 8160 holds a lot of numbers.

    They last a long time... not forever but replacement is a snap.

    Here's my Daewoo with it's "mag-tag" peeking out.
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    I don't label them as I use them all and haven't had any issues with any of them. You can buy the paint markers at Wal-Mart of wherever, the easiest to read I've seen are the silver markers. They have a tip a little fatter than a Sharpie. I've seen this done quite a bit. Or for something that isn't as obtrusive, you can engrave numbers on the base plate of the magazine.

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    I write a number on the rear of the mag shaft with a sharpie. It writes and shows up well on stainless steel mags. The mark lasts quite a few months depending on usage, then I just remark if needed.

    I also mark the mags I drop on hard surfaces in order to fully test them before relying on them again. I write "dropped" on the mag to try and remind my dumbarse to be more careful.

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    I also use a sharpie permanent marker. I figured paper type labels would somehow break loose and get tangled up somewhere near/in the chamber.

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    I have labeled mine, 1 dot of paint,2 dots of paint, etc.

    If I have a mag that doesn't work right or causes problems at least I'll know which one it is. Plus, I can rotate carry mags.

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    I have used labels and markers previously, but now just engrave them with a scratch awl. This way they are permanently marked and I can rotate them and not get them confused if one malfunctions. The labels and marker method would often become dirty/illegible.
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    I engrave my initials and the number of the mag on the back toward the base plate. That way I know it's mine if I drop one at a match.
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    I use a touch/dot of brightly colored nail polish...simple color coding does the trick.
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    I only have 2 mags, but I always take my engraver tool and number them 1, 2, 3, 4 etc...

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    I use an electric engraver and engrave them with the gun they go to and a number. I have a canvas bag that I keep all my spare mags in and some look so much alike, it's difficult to tell which gun they belong to. That's why I engrave the gun they go to. The number is to know if there's a problem with a specific mag. After engraving, you can touch up with a touch-up pen or cold blue to prevent rust and still will be able to read the engraving.

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