Trying to decide between H&K P7 or a Sig 232

Trying to decide between H&K P7 or a Sig 232

This is a discussion on Trying to decide between H&K P7 or a Sig 232 within the Defensive Carry Guns forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; I am trying to decide between an H&K P7 (squeeze cocker) or a Sig 232... I know the P7 is a 9mm ( I am ...

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Thread: Trying to decide between H&K P7 or a Sig 232

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    Trying to decide between H&K P7 or a Sig 232

    I am trying to decide between an H&K P7 (squeeze cocker) or a Sig 232... I know the P7 is a 9mm ( I am trying to keep my carry pistols between 9mm and 380 to make ammo buying easier). Do many of you carry the P7 on a daily basis??? I have held one before and love the way both the P7 and the 232 feel in the hand... thanks Robbie

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    HKP7 for me

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    Hands down, the P7 - for the more powerful round and its unique, proprietary-to-the-user operating system. It's unlikely you can find a handgun with a lower bore axis relative to your grip, which of course minimizes muzzle flip.

    You might have to search a little harder for a holster (most likely custom), but you won't regret it.
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    P7, its been my carry since I've gotten it. Accurate. It has been described as a "gun fighter's gun" and for good reason. Excellent choice!

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    I carry a P7M8; I'm quite happy with it. Very slim, it works great in an IWB; the fixed barrel gives it excellent accuracy, very reliable...overall, a great carry pistol.

    I highly recommend it.

    Holsters can be a bit difficult to find; I found a used Galco Royal Guard IWB that is very comfortable and works well for me...unfortunately, Galco no longer makes it for the P7...

    And, if you like the way a P7 fits your hand, you'll love how it shoots.
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    P7, nuff said.

    It's what I carry when I head South.
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    Although the two pistols are very similar in size, the P232 carries "smaller" than the P7. The weight difference is substancial too, at around 10 ounces. One of the P232's great attributes is it's very light weight.

    Both are natural pointers, offer unusually good accuracy and reliability. Of course the firepower nod goes to the P7.

    The K.I.S.S. simplicity award goes to the Sig. All one can do or is allowed to do is pull the trigger. The P7 of course has the cocker which is attached to a very light trigger. It is the trigger that caused me to not carry the P7. For me, it is too light. I prefer a little weight to "adrenaline buffer" if you will.

    The P232 is not my usual CCW, but I do resort to one when my back is acting up and I turn to a shoulder holster. The small, light P232 rides just right for me there.

    One small factor is that the Sig is still in production whereas the HK is not.

    Holsters are plentiful for the Sig, less so for the HK. I use Galco for the Sig and a Kevin Manley made holster for the P7.

    Both are excellent guns, classics, and you can't go wrong with either.

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    The P7/P7M8/P7M10/P7M13 are all great weapons. They shoot great, point even better and have a trigger that is out of this world! The downsides (and they are few in my opinion) are definitely something to be aware of and think about -

    Holsters - When I first bought my P7M8 I didn't even think about holsters. Even though I am left handed I have never had a huge problem finding good holsters and had no reason the think the P7 would be any different. After several months of not finding what I wanted, I called CompTac and ordered one of their holsters for the P7. While the Comp-Tac is a well made product it just didn't work for me. I tried a couple of other holsters to no avail. In fact, I stopped even trying to carry the P7. Finally, I bit the bullet (so to speak) and called Matt Del Fatti. That was September 2007. I just got my holster last week (It is freaking awesome - thanks Matt!! You never lied about how long it would take, always kept me informed and delivered a superior product!!! I digress -- Lets just say my point is that the selection of holsters for the P7 is very limited and most likely you will have to have a custom holster made for it.

    Heat - They get HOT! If you are used to going to the range and shooting 250 rounds in a relatively short amount of time - then you will need to change that. The barrel P7M8 gets hot (I know they put a heat shield on the M8 - still gets hot). It gets hot enough to not want to shoot it anymore. This is not a gun you will take to Gunsite or Thunder Ranch IMHO.

    But with that said - It is still one of the finest pistols to ever be produced and is an awesome option for concealed carry. With respect to the 232 - its unfair to compare it to the P7. I don't mean that in a disrespectful way, the 232 is a great pistol in its own right. However, if I were going to stack the HK against a Sig it would have to be the P239. They both come in 9mm. They both point well, go bang every time the trigger is pulled (well as long as you don't forget to squeeze the cocker on the HK) and are closer in size and weight.

    Still the HK wins
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    Not sure this is a fair comparison. is the sig .380?

    I have carried a P7M8 every day and everywhere it was legal, since 1984. It is ideal for carry in so many ways.

    You could get a holster for one, even LH, in a few weeks; no need to wait three years. Or order your Del Fatti now, and in the meantime get a Nighthawk knockoff, or a Kydex made up for you.

    If the 232 is the one I think it is, I thought it was too big for its caliber. The weight is nice, but .380 needs to be true pocket carry, and imo backup only. My pocket pistol is an MK9.

    P7 is not a "combat" pistol. 8 plus 1 in the spout, plus 2 spare mags, gives you 25 rounds for carry. If you dump 25 rounds quickly, you will find the NEXT 25 start to get uncomfortably hot. But in real life that is not a factor, since it's not practical to carry that much. Carbine/pistol hard use training? Bring something else. For continuous practice sessions, just bring a second P7.

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    Without a doubt the P7 between your two choices. Hard to find a more accurate and mild recoiling 9mm. As was stated earlier it sets very low in the hand and is a natural pointing pistol. Fast follow up shots are amazingly fast and muzzle rise is nil.

    That being said I've went back to packing a Spinger in .45. Been shooting one for so long it's like an extension of my hand.
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    A P7 is my EDC in a CrossBreed Supertuck. There's nothing else I'd rather carry.
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    I have one of the German police import P7s that has become one of my most favorite carry pistols.

    I have a leather UBG holster for it, and another holster on order from Andy Arratoonian.

    Several of the custom makers seem to building holsters for this gun, though there doesn't seem to be a lot in the mass produced sector.

    Solid gun. Feels great. Maybe a little heavy for the capacity, but I don't find that to be much of an issue.

    Magazines are somewhat scarce and expensive, and I do find that fairly frustrating.

    I have no experience with the Sig 232, but I do think they are a good looking gun.........

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