CZ SP 01 and Phantom?

CZ SP 01 and Phantom?

This is a discussion on CZ SP 01 and Phantom? within the Defensive Carry Guns forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; Anyone have one of these and want to share your opinions? The hubby saw one in a magazine and is campaigning heavily for me to ...

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Thread: CZ SP 01 and Phantom?

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    CZ SP 01 and Phantom?

    Anyone have one of these and want to share your opinions? The hubby saw one in a magazine and is campaigning heavily for me to buy one. He said the Phantom is listed as a 19+1 in the magazine but on the CZ site it is listed as 18+1. After looking at the CZ USA site I am leaning more towards the SP01 instead of the Phantom due to the steel frame. I have a few Glocks and am looking for something different.

    Any insight is appreciated!

    Oh, I doubt this would be a carry gun for me, more for HD/range. I have a BHP and a Glock 19 for 9mm carry guns already, and a PPS for a smaller 9mm. So carry issues not so important as function etc. If I ever decide to OC I might carry this but not CC. TIA
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    18 is stamped on the magazines but they actually hold 19.

    The best thing to do is read here: CZ-SP01, Shadow, Tactical, etc

    I have an SP-01 and I love it. It is large and heavy especially when loaded. It is also very, very accurate, more accurate than both of my Sigs. The weight helps make fast follow-up shots too. There are also plenty of upgrade parts available, though not locally available. Do not let the CZ brand name scare you away, they make excellent high quality products. Like you I am not a big fan of plastic pistols. I like the feel, weight, and stiffness of steel. You can get an SP-01 with a decocker or a manual safety, so you can pick your own flavor. I want to carry my SP-01 concealed next winter, if I can find a holster maker that has an SP-01 mold and is accepting orders.

    I would have some reserves about buying one for my wife without her handling it first. The grip is large and combined with the heavy weight may not be the best thing for her. You may have problems reaching the trigger, which can be replaced, and the other controls.

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    I have the Phantom and it is very accurate and reliable. I needed to replace the front sight with a fiber optic and then get a trigger job. The out of the box trigger made my HKs seem like 1911s. Even after the trigger job, by Ghost, the DA is poor. Look at the CZ Shadow which comes with a FO sight and trigger job.

    I was told by CZ that the mags are the same you just need to squeeze an extra round in. I have not been able to do it. An issue for your wife might also be that racking the slide inside the rails is slightly more difficult.
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    I also have the CZ-75 SP-01 Phantom and can vouch for its very high accuracy. Several times at the range I have gotten compliments on my groups with the Phantom and I always tell them it's not me, it's the gun.

    It is very reliable. I've had maybe 2-3 jams but I tend to shoot hundreds of rounds between cleanings (bad, I know, no flames please).

    I don't mind the plastic, it's a good weight and very durable.

    The only down side is the factory sights are not true (tridium) night sights, they are cheezy glow-in-the-dark sights that need to be charged up in light and then they glow for a while.
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    My girlfriend picked up a Phantom as an IDPA gun. The 19-round mags are new; they were 18 prior to that, so both descriptions are accurate.

    We don't have a lot of rounds through it, so I can't speak to long-term reliability, but it has been just fine through a few hundred rounds so far, and it is very accurate. DA trigger out of the box is heavy and a bit gritty, but the SA pull is pretty nice.

    For a carry gun, I'd probably want to put better sights on it and get an action job done (I understand Randy Lee at Apex Tactical does some bang-up CZ work) for the double-action trigger.
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    I have had this CZ SP-01 for about 6 months now and it is, indeed, a real shooter. Have put nearly a 1000 rounds of a variety of 9 mm stuff through it with nary a problem - actually no problems at all.

    It is a heavy pistol and it is incredibly accurate. Makes me look like a real good shooter. I have no experience with the polymer (phantom) model so nothing to say.

    Sure do like the all steel version though.
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    Here's their custom shop SP-01 with CZ competition rear & fiber optic front sight; CZ custom SA/DA hammer & main spring; Tuned trigger components; Re-profiled and polished disconnector and associated surfaces; Firing pin block removed and adjusted FPB lifter; Slide stop for magazine release with heavy bullets; Polished underside of disconnector rail and break breach face edge; Springs: 11 lb. Recoil, 13 lb. Main. Excellent pistol if you're in the position to spend more. :)

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    I have a CZ SP-01 Shadow, and it holds 18 rounds in the mag; I guess that it comes with different mags. I have never had any kind of problems with it. The pistols is IPSC ready, very accurate, but also heavy. Although I carry a BHP every day , I do not think that the Shadow is appropriate for that. IMO, it is a very good pistol for the range and competition, but not for CC.
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    I really want a CZ SP-01. They caught my attention some time ago.

    On a side note...
    Quote Originally Posted by EAJ View Post

    that's just sexy!
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    They are nice pistols and are reasonably priced due to the lower cost of skilled labor in the Czech Republic. I was considering buying one until I discovered that Safariland didn't make a holster that would fit it with a light attached.

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