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Anyone here Pocket carry a steel J-frame?

This is a discussion on Anyone here Pocket carry a steel J-frame? within the Defensive Carry Guns forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; Originally Posted by BugDude Yep. Pocket carry a 1962 S&W 49 Bodyguard 38 spcl frequently with no issues at all. That's a good point! The ...

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Thread: Anyone here Pocket carry a steel J-frame?

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    Quote Originally Posted by BugDude View Post
    Yep. Pocket carry a 1962 S&W 49 Bodyguard 38 spcl frequently with no issues at all.
    That's a good point! The Bodyguard style seems to conform to pocket carry better than other revolver shapes. The hump actually stabilizes the gun and balance when I draw from the pocket. Dang it, I should have kept the one I had...
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    The old 49 Bodyguard seems to fit the pocket carry bill better than my new 442. The camel hump shape blends better and helps keep it positioned in the pocket. I also like the small smooth wood grips better for pocket carry over the rubber grips of the 442. I'm getting small wood grips for the 442 to see if that helps it any.

    For folks that haven't seen a Bodyguard before, they look rather strange...but you can't quit looking at them. It's where unique style meets specific function.
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    I have a SP-101, so a J-frame should be ok.

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    If the model 49 was more common....
    Ugly gun, but so nice to have single and double action available.

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    I used to carry a square butt model 36 in my pocket but I had to have the pocket made deeper so the butt wasn't exposed. Then I switched to an IWB holster and was much happier. The problem I encountered with steel frame in the pocket was sweating. The gun got wet and required a good wipe down at least once a day.
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    I pocket carry a 642 CT daily, I have a Model 49 bodyguard that I ocassionally carry but I find it just a tad heavy for pocket carry.

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    I've carried a Mod.60 in a pocket holster many times. Always found it to be a comfortable way to carry.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Saber View Post
    As for pocket carry, I have tried my 642 with light 110gr Critical Defense ammo.
    ME too! But I sold my 442 and bought a stainless 60 2 1/8".

    Its not pocket comfortable. I carry in a Safariland leather OWB about 4:15

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    I occasionally pocket carry an S&W Model 36, which weighs in at 20 ounces, 5 ounces heavier than the 642.

    Frankly, I was surprised at how much heavier it feels when compared to the 642. However, it carries well in the pocket in spite of that, riding in a Mika Pocket holster.

    I think you'd be comfortable with it and recommend you go with it.
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    I carry an ultralite taurus 85, I think it conceals fine but feels heavy and I notice it compared to my P32, still getting used to it, but for the flexibility of IWB, pocket and ankle (the size, shape and grip fit all for me perfectly) you can beat a 5 shot 38/357. Pant pocket size is crucial however... I have some it just doesn't work, but I have some where my P32 wants to tur side ways and my 85 won't. I beleive in options and the snub offers them.

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    I carried a M36 for years in a Mika's. Not a problem.
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    pocket no workie

    I tried carrying my Rosii M68 and it was ok, but in practice draws, the hammer kept getting snagged. It's either bob the hammer, or carry OWB or IWB

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    I pocket carry my Sp101 from time to time.. not the lightest but do able..
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    I use a Mika's pocket holster with my Model 60-14 when I pocket carry it. No problems with it. Just getting older and like steel or stainless steel and wood on my carry guns. They have worked for me for over 29 years.

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    i often pocket carry at early 80's Mod 60. It has been one of my trusted babies since new. Bobbed hammer ans DAO plus a trigger job. It is like butter. An old friend.
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