Anyone here Pocket carry a steel J-frame?

Anyone here Pocket carry a steel J-frame?

This is a discussion on Anyone here Pocket carry a steel J-frame? within the Defensive Carry Guns forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; Does anyone here pocket carry a steel J-frame? To me they don't feel that much way heavier but the steel guns shoot so much nicer ...

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Thread: Anyone here Pocket carry a steel J-frame?

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    Anyone here Pocket carry a steel J-frame?

    Does anyone here pocket carry a steel J-frame? To me they don't feel that much way heavier but the steel guns shoot so much nicer then the airweights.

    If one has a good belt holding up they're pants and a pocket holster is it a big deal to carry a steel J-frame? I ask as I'm wanting a S&W model 40 in blue or nickel.
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    would be willing to give it a try, as it would be something different than my P3AT.
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    First off, I saw a new S&W Model 40 nickel at my dealer a few days ago. As for pocket carry, I have tried my 642 with light 110gr Critical Defense ammo. It’s quite doable except for the slimmer style dress slacks and some brand of jeans. The difference between 110gr and 135gr is significant for pocket carry. I ordered the Milt Sparks pocket rig PCH-R, though admittedly I’m still on the fence as to that decision.

    I too, much prefer all-steel variants but the hot summers tend to change my perspective. Can’t wait for my 640 to return from the custom work I had done. Clearly, I went a little crazy on that project, but what can I say...
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    Honestly I cannot pocket carry my J frame confortably. The gun rides right on top of my thigh and is downright painful sometimes. Cargo style wants work because the pocket is off to the side, but I don't care for it much even though. To each his own I guess.
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    Nope. I switched to an airweight about 15 years ago and never looked back. I prefer the weight savings. I do pocket carry (in a holster).

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    My wife has one and she's very protective of it if you know what I mean.The closest I can come to the J frame is my 44spl bulldog that's sweet but not for
    faint of heart when it comes to recoil.I told my wife if you ever got in a stressful situation recoil would be the last thing you'd be worrying about.

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    Yep, in fact I was pocket carrying my taurus 85 (stainless) yesterday. The issue for me is not weight (assuming a good belt), but pocket depth. I have a few pairs of pants that the pocket just isn't deep enough (Dockers tend to show the butt of the gun, whereas Haggar slacks work well).
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    Yep. Pocket carry a 1962 S&W 49 Bodyguard 38 spcl frequently with no issues at all.
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    S&W 49 for me too, and sometimes a 640-1 magnum
    when I'm feeling Frisky.
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    I consider all Airweight Smith & Wesson J-Frame revolvers to be inferior to steel-framed versions. I can easily tote the additional few ounces for their superior shooting characteristics and control. Airweight revolvers are overrated. Lighter weight isn't always better.

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    I did it for years and it was easy.
    Have Fun and Shoot Straight !!

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    I believe that the steel J-frames are best carried in a holster on ones belt and that the "Airweights" while "AirLites" are IDEAL in pocket holsters, or, if you insist, in ankle holsters!

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    Nope ...just a S&W 637...never had a problem with it...

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    I pocket carry a S&W 649 357 in a Desantis holster and it works fine. You do have to have a good gun belt, but the carry of the weapon is not an issue. My biggest challenge/change is carrying all of the other stuff in the other front pocket. I have had to pare down some of the stuff that I carry.

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    I have y'all beat: SP101. In fact, I have carried two SP101 snubbies, in the front pockets of Wrangler Riata pleated slacks, into a court house. Being there as an LEO, it was/is quite legal, but decorum, and agency policy, meant CONCEALED. Walking the long distance from the police station to the courthouse, it was nice to be able to carry a sportcoat rather than wear it.

    I got away from double pocket carry, over concerns about the difficulty of drawing from such places after a fight has started. (One in a pocket is OK, but I want one to be in the usual "primary" hip location.) Bending at the waist makes it difficult to reach into front and hip pockets. Cargo pockets can be better in this regard, but such pants are not always dressy enough.
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