Price on used M&P .40

Price on used M&P .40

This is a discussion on Price on used M&P .40 within the Defensive Carry Guns forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; Need help with pricing a used full size M&P .40. What I know about the gun... Asking $425 (brand new at a major gunshop in ...

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Thread: Price on used M&P .40

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    Price on used M&P .40

    Need help with pricing a used full size M&P .40.

    What I know about the gun...
    Asking $425 (brand new at a major gunshop in town is $500)
    Full size M&P .40
    1 magazine
    Outside finish condition= Good if not excellent

    No box
    No extra backstraps

    I'll know more about it after I take closer look. Its at a pawn shop here in town, what would you recomend as a purchase price?


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    I would start at $300 and let the salesman haggle with you. Wouldnt go more than say $375-$400

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    Well the gun comes with two mags. So figure what, 25 or 30 bucks for that. And then the backstraps, I have no idea what those are worth. So your looking at somewhere around 50 bucks to get the rest of the items the gun comes with. Then whatever it's worth to you owning a used gun vs a new one. I don't think 400 is a bad price, but like Avenger said I wouldn't go over it. Great gun too!
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    A new magazine costs $40, so make sure you figure that in. Back straps are valued at $2.30 online at midway.

    I wouldn't pay more than $375 for it.

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    I would pay $400, new you pay tax on that $500. S&W might send you the missing straps for free, mags are $25 plus S&H.
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    i wouldn't pay more than $325.

    $425 is a rip for a used mp40 with 1 mag, and no backstraps. (the backstraps are about $10, but the mags are about $40 apiece)

    cabela's has two tone m&p's brand new for $499.

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    For only having one mag and no backstraps,that dealer is gonna have to come down on that price. I'd pay no more than $365.00-$375.00. If you plan on buying more mags,then just get a new one. With what dealers are asking now days for used guns,you might as well spend the extra money and get a new one. And the sad part is,is that a lot of dealers won't budge on their prices because they know a sucker is born every minute and someone will pay their crazy prices,especially in the current climate. And chances are this dealer only paid around $150.00-$175.00 for that gun anyways so don't fall for the old "I've gotta make money on this sale so I can keep the lights on and pay my staff." line.

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