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This just dropped into my lap yesterday!

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Thread: This just dropped into my lap yesterday!

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    This just dropped into my lap yesterday!

    hope it was unloaded....

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    I was looking at one of these and they do look really good!
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    Quote Originally Posted by OldVet View Post
    But did your buddy with the P3AT think it was okay that you shot him?
    "I once shot a bear in my pajamas...."
    (Sincere apologies to Groucho......!!)

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    It's always nice to hear things happen like that (Not the death, but the story of giving).

    I'm also glad you like the gun. Having owned a Taurus several yrs ago (A PT145 Mil Pro) & having just recently picking up a PT709 SLIM (About 2 weeks ago), I can honestly say that Taurus has certainly upped their game.
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    Congrats! Would love to see the range report as I thought the trigger was gritty in the store.
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    If you try the carry case that came with the gun, you may have another carry option for yourself.

    Bull Dog holster makes this same type of carry case and it works very well with my P3AT.

    I carry in this case grip forward and grip up.

    The more options I have for carring my CCs the things work for me.
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    Congratulations on your new pistola! BTW I think it is a good idea for the pastor of a church to go armed these days.
    God bless our troops!

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    Very nice. Congrats.

    I hope it serves you well.!!
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    There is something troubling about a man of God being armed. Not that you chose to be, but that you need to be.

    For those who accept the word coincidence, you have a lot to learn.

    Yes, I couldn't do your job. That's two groups of people crying, depressed and suffering from their loss. The only explanation for pastors being able to deal with that regularly is the grace that comes from our Father.

    Thank you for your service.

    My God is an Awsome God!
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    Not to resurrect the dead, but FYI this little 738 now has about 500 trouble free rounds through it. It's still a bear to shoot (we call it the angry cricket) but my 12 year old son loves it because it fits his hands so he shoots it whenever I let him. 500 rounds, no failures of any kind.
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    I always liked the look of that pistol!

    Glad its working for you,sometime some things are just ment to be.

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    Quote Originally Posted by MinistrMalic View Post
    My EDC is a Springfield XD9sc, which I really love. However, because I am a pastor I occasionally need to put a suit on, particularly for weddings or (as was the case this week) for funerals. (Side note: other than that, I don't wear a suit except on Christmas Eve and Easter Sunday...) I have a nice IWB tuckable for my XD and it conceals really well, so well that people who know I carry don't notice it at all.

    However, I have noticed that when I tuck I don't really like it much. It seems to be a lot of work to go from concealment to draw, and I have been looking at options. I have a buddy with a Kel-Tec P3AT that I shot and thought was okay, and the Ruger LCP is a nicer version of that gun IMO. So I was thinking about one of those.

    Then I started looking at Taurus' new 738 TCP and really liked it. It seems to be everything the LCP is, with the addition of the slide lock that I really like. So I kinda settled on that one and hoped that the gun fairy would put one under my pillow while I slept one night.

    My wife and I talked about it, and the family budget is just not up for a firearm purchase. She agreed that if I could fund it outside of the budget then that would be fine...but where was that going to come from? Turns out that I had two funerals to officiate this week; part of the job I do, and I do it for the hope of glory and not for additional income. Usually the family gives me a little token of appreciation, which is nice but unnecessary. Well this week one family was way beyond generous and gave me enough to go get this:

    My wife laughed when I told her that they had been so generous, saying, "Well, I suppose that God really had that gun in mind for you, didn't He?" We went to my favorite gun shop and picked it up last night. It was the last one they had! So I got it and a pocket holster, plus some FMJ target rounds. (already had SD ammo from my wife's Bersa Thunder .380)

    I brought it home and cleaned it really good. Now I need to take it back to the range and dirty it up some!!! Gun #1 of 3 on my wish list for 2010 is in the safe...
    Your XD 9 sc is a excellent weapon, have you given thought to a small shoulder rig? since you wear a suit 2 times a year?

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    So, "you die, I buy"? lol
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    Nice gun congrats

    Violence in churches is one of the reasons I started carrying. My pastor has talked about it but has not decided if he wants to carry. If he decides to carry I will lead a special offering between me and a few other guys for the purchase of a quality gun. I already have a certificate for training I will give him.

    God Bless

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