This gun is beginning to grow on me. After the first box of ammo a few weeks ago I was ready to junk it. But I'm finally starting to get used to that looooooong trigger pull. Groups are pulling together with some consistency. Quite a departure from a 1911 trigger though. Now I gotta keep straight in my pea brain which one I'm shootin

So far no FTF or FTE and yeah I'm shooting the cheapest junk I can find right now. Only problem I had was the smart alleck kid at the local gun shop ordered me the mag for the 250 not the compact. I thought something was amiss as I loaded it and when I stuffed it in the weapon it hung out about 1/2 inch. I'll deal with him on Monday and make sure his boss is standing nearby. 500 more through it and I'll have to hunt an IWB holster. I might even put the Kimber in the safe, just kidding, only on the days I think I might get rained on.