I put a Glock 21 trigger(smooth face) w/ trigger bar in my Glock 30. I put 100 rounds down range. My 30 gets carried the least of all my Glocks but that may change. I'm going to start carrying my G30 off-duty more. She really is a sweet shooter. I get much tighter groups rapid fire with my 30 than I do with my 27.

My duty weapon is a 23. This is the only Glock that still has the grooved trigger. Only because it is a dept weapon and I have to keep it as they like. It also has an 8# connector. : (

The rest of my Glocks have smooth triggers with stock connectors. I got rid of the NY1 and 3.5 connector because it was too big of a difference from my duty 23.

When I get my tax return I may have to call Rocky and get a Black Ops for my 30. I have one for my 19/23 that I love.