Upgrade Loaded Champion, or get HK45c?

Upgrade Loaded Champion, or get HK45c?

This is a discussion on Upgrade Loaded Champion, or get HK45c? within the Defensive Carry Guns forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; I have a little dilemma. My currently CCW is a SS Loaded Champion. It has about 700rds down the tube so it is broken in. ...

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Thread: Upgrade Loaded Champion, or get HK45c?

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    Upgrade Loaded Champion, or get HK45c?

    I have a little dilemma. My currently CCW is a SS Loaded Champion. It has about 700rds down the tube so it is broken in. It does not have any major problems anymore, but I did have some FTF when breaking it in which I guess is normal. Sometimes now the slide doesnt lock back after the last round, in different mags including the Wilson 8rders. The gun has always been a little finicky, so it is hard to trust my life with it, because of problems I have run into, mostly while breaking it in. I have also had accuracy issues with it. I carry in a supertuck and it is a very nice piece to carry all day with no problems. I like the feel of the gun, but have my doubts because there are more reliable guns out there. I am considering sending it in for some work in the Springer custom shop, maybe even the TRP package and make it my favorite piece and hopefully a diehard reliable CCW.

    On the other hand, I have a full size HK45 that I absolutely love. It is extremely accurate and feeds anything I throw in there. It is my nightstand gun, and I love everything about it. I love it so much I am considering selling my 1911 to fund an HK45c as my CCW.

    Cost isnt really a factor. I just want a CCW I can always depend on. I just feel that I have to do one or the other to achieve this. Which do you gentlemen think is the better option and why? Thanks in advance!

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    I once owned a Springer Champion that gave me fits (FTE / FTF). It made 5 trips back to SA before it ran. I always shoot at least 250 rounds of my carry ammo through any semi and it put quite a dent in my wallet after each visit breaking it in. I just could not trust the pistol after all the trouble it gave me and ended up selling it for a loss. I will never own another again. A good shooting friend has a Colt Combat Commander and the thing is a shooting machine and has been since he owned it. If I ever buy another shorty 1911 it'll be a Colt. I loved the feel of the pistol and it was VERY accurate, but you have to trust that weapon 100%.

    I haven't shot the H&K but hear they are very good weapons and quite reliable. Tough choice but I'd rather have a weapon I could trust my families and my life with. JMO
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    If I were you I would carry the HK JMO ; )
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    Call me biased, but I love the hk45c (check the screen name) even more so if you are having problems with the 1911 (I plan on buying one....my wife is getting it for me when I finish my PhD so you will never hear me talking bad about the weapon) but I agree with sporsterguy. If you are looking for a gun that you can depend on get the compact.
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    +1 on the HK.

    Purchased one (.45c) as my original EDC. Fell off and went the revolver route, but just recently really started carrying the .45c and can't put it down!

    Super reliable! Now thinking about getting another .45c or it's big brother (.45) as my nightstand piece.

    Get the HK!

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    USP vote

    In your situation I would get the H&K USP45c. You need to have a carry gun that you absolutely trust, and it sounds like you don't trust the Springfield. The USP will very likely function perfectly.

    Like you I have a full size USP 45 that runs perfectly, and I also have the USP 40c. My compact USP is a wonderful gun - absolutely reliable, very accurate, lightweight with good ergonomics.

    Unless you are set on .45 caliber, you might consider the .40 alternative. I believe the USP 45c gives you 8+1 rounds, while the USP 40c gives you 12+1 rounds. I personally think that .40 and .45 have equivalent stopping power, so I like the extra capacity.

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    Quote Originally Posted by rakkasan1187 View Post
    Which do you gentlemen think is the better option and why?!
    Some guns are just lemons and others may not be a good fit or shoot well for you. I say sell the Champion and get the HK45c.
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    I own a HK45c and find it to be superb.

    I don't have the size measurements of each, but you may find that the Champion is an easier gun to conceal - this is something you should try and check out yourself in person to at least get a good handle on them.

    If you feel that the Champion is the choice, I would have no qualms in sending it in for upgrades and knowing that when it comes back it should be a reliable piece.

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    I must say, after owning several HKs in 9mm and .45, that I favor the HK. My first, a full-size USP 9mm was purchased right after they were released early in 1994 and has fired many many many rounds over the past 16 years without a single failure to feed, fire or eject---you gotta like that!

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    H&K 45C, but I am biased (see avatar). Mine only has between 500-600 rounds through it, but it has been flawless. The dimensions are about the same as a Commander except for the width. The width is the same as your full-sized H&K.

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    I think reliability would be the most important factor for CCW, so go with the HK. I love mine.

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