At the range

At the range

This is a discussion on At the range within the Defensive Carry Guns forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; I went range today with my Kel tec .380. I ran 75 rounds threw it . It has been a flawless gun so far . ...

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Thread: At the range

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    At the range

    I went range today with my Kel tec .380.

    I ran 75 rounds threw it .

    It has been a flawless gun so far .

    I bought it new about a year ago .

    It has had about 250 rounds threw it now.

    Not a lot of rounds but still hard to find .380 ammo.

    I am pretty new to carry (6 month) .

    I try to get to range once per month .

    With either .380, .32 , or .38.

    Here is what happens to me with any one I am firing.

    I do far better with first say 40 to 50 rounds, after that its

    pretty much a struggle to do any better target wise.

    The most I have ever fired out of any of them is about 100 rounds.

    Should I stay at 50 rounds and call it a day ?

    Any one else have this going on ?

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    Glad you are having flawless function out of your P3AT, mine has been less spectacular. I have failure to feed and failure to eject on some of my hollow point rounds... Fiocchi s. I have a range right out my door ... literally, and do not shoot the lil gun as much as you do. I have plenty of .380 rounds as I bought them cheap a few years ago for a Sig P230, but the little gun is not what I had hoped for, but in a pinch it will do the job for me. I sure do not consider the gun a fun gun to shoot, but I still pack it on occasion because of the size, however now it is loaded with Remington Hardball (UMC).

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    Fatigue, recoil anticipation, etc. It adds up. If you want to shoot a lot of rounds, take a break after 50 rounds or so.
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    Yeah it probably is just some fatigue hitting you. Maybe you would do better to take 20 after you fire the first 50 and see if you maintain your performance after that. I know that when I hit the pistol range my wrists will start to shake after enough time has gone by; I just stop shooting for a little while and they're back to good. If you can hit the range any more than you are now that will surely help as well.

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    Quote Originally Posted by mauser1959 View Post
    Glad you are having flawless function out of your P3AT, mine has been less spectacular. I have failure to feed and failure to eject on some of my hollow point rounds... Fiocchi s.
    - Have you tried changing the recoil springs out to Wolff extra power springs? I did that on my P32 and it was flawless.

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    You just get tired, I usually shoot 25 -50 rnds per session and go home.

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    My Ruger LCP and my Kel-Tec P-11 are not fun guns, recoil and trigger pull hurting my hand and finger; but I KNOW that I am supposed to shoot them at close CCW range and try to do so once in awhile...before shooting my bigger heavier fun guns at longer ranges. These CCW guns kick.

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    really do




    I agree with the others. After about 70 rounds, I tend to get sloppy.
    Experience: that most brutal of teachers. But you learn, my God do you learn. -C. S. Lewis

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    You could also try going to the gym once in a while.


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    50 max. then I'm threw.

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    50 is usually my limit when I go to the range.

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    Training.. You should seek out a good instructor. I have not been to a class yet where we did not got through at least 200 rounds and those were two hour classes. I been to all day classes where we went through 1000 rounds in eight hours.

    Just like everything else you need to keep doing it until you can not get it wrong but you will never get it 50 rounds at a time.

    If you just want to shoot a gun then keep doing what you are doing but if you want to learn how to really use a gun go to class. It is fun as hell and you learn while you are having that fun.

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    Me an my son took my 15yr. old nephew shooting for the first time to our local WMA open range this past weekend. We took a pair of .22 rifles (Ruger 10/22 and a savage bolt action), along with my Kimber Ultra CDPII .45, my S&W M&P40c and my S&W 5906 9mm. Between the three of us, we fired 150 rounds through each of the handguns and another 300-400 through the pair of rifles. That's 750-850 rounds between 3 people. I don't feel it affected any accuracy firing so many rounds, but we were also mixing it up with different rounds/guns.

    BTW, this is the first time my nephew has ever fired a gun at all. We enforced the basics (finger off the trigger, muzzle direction, every gun is considered loaded, backstop) on the way to the range and he followed them all day. He fired the Savage .22 for quite awhile and then I showed him how to hold the 9mm (stance, grip, etc.). For the handguns we were using IPSC type targets at abut 15yrds (rifles were shooting targets at 100yrds). He did pretty well. I then let him fire the .45. He commented it had a lot more kick than the 9mm, but he handled it well. After showing him how to wrap his pinky up over the grip from the bottom on the M&P40c, he fired it for a bit too. He put about 80 rounds through the 3 handguns and not once ever got a single round off the target, with a majority within the A&C and A&B rings. I was very proud of him and he was still excited when we returned him home to my sisters.

    My son had to work shortly after, so dad was left with all the cleaning.

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    Good advice so far.

    I would add that you might also find dry firing to be helpful. Start putting in a few dry fire sessions (of say hundred trigger pulls) a week and you should see big improvements in your stamina and accuracy at the range.
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    I'm the opposite...takes me about 50 rounds to get warmed up and in my groove. Which sucks, cause really I need the first rounds to count.

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