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Thread: Citadel handguns

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    Citadel handguns

    Hey i was just wondering if any body had one of these i was looking at a raffel ticket that i have and there were some guns made through legacy sports on there. I have never heard of them or any guns that they sell so i was just wondering if anybody here has one they make citadel, Howa, puma,escort, verona, they dont look bad but never heard of them and the funny thing is there slogan for the company is the most trusted name in the shooting industry.
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    i looked at a couple citadels at gander mountain. the 5 inch and the 3.5 inch 1911 models. didn't seem bad, the machining quality and finish were on par with the price. i've heard they're reliable from reviews on other forums.

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    The Legacy Line is primarily an importer of foreign (european) made firearms. A lot of them are quality stuff, just not real known brands. I am sure they are not hand made and fitted customs, but probably very serviceable and usable firearms.
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    I do not own one and have never fired one but I have heard they are good guns.
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    Citadel is made by Armscor, The same folk's that make Rock Island Armory. They are good stuff.
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    a local shop sells them; they go for about the same price as RIAs. the shop i frequent is known for their integrity, and they generally don't deal in junk, so if they're selling them, they must be decent guns.

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    what I seen

    they only have a 1 year warranty I think


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    They were formally the CD line as mentioned made by Armscor. The quality is higher than the American Classic line.
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    I believe that they have a lifetime warranty covered by Armscor, the manufacturer.

    Quote Originally Posted by stolivar View Post
    they only have a 1 year warranty I think

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    Quote Originally Posted by doctruptwn View Post
    Citadel is made by Armscor, The same folk's that make Rock Island Armory. They are good stuff.
    This is correct. Check the 1911 forums. You'll find all the info you need. I own the 3.5" RIA which is an excellent piece IMO. Someone else mentioned their lifetime warranty and all indications are that they have excellent customer service as well.

    Good luck.
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    I picked up a new Citadel 45CS on Wednesday. The owners manual states 1 year warranty. Shoots real nice, but I may have to send it in already. The slide won't close if you drop a round in the chamber first. It will of course run fine from the magazine tho. The extractor is hitting the case and not slipping past. My buddies RIA CS does not do this.

    I emailed Ivan at Armsor in NV and he said they'd send someone to pick it up. I unfortunately didn't get to check for any further communication today.

    But, overall quality is a notch above the RIA GI compact. Better trigger, grips, and sights, that's about it near as I can tell.

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