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Rohrbaugh or Kel-Tec

This is a discussion on Rohrbaugh or Kel-Tec within the Defensive Carry Guns forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; I am happy with both my P-11 9mm and my 2nd gen P3AT. I carry the P-11 with the optional belt clip and it is ...

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Thread: Rohrbaugh or Kel-Tec

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    I am happy with both my P-11 9mm and my 2nd gen P3AT. I carry the P-11 with the optional belt clip and it is very convenient and concealable. I carry the P3AT in a pocket holster and it also works well for me.

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    I have, both, a Kahr CW9 and a KEL-TEC P3-AT. Most of the time the Kahr is in my pocket. Whenever I cannot get the Kahr in my pocket (not printing) then I go with the KEL-TEC. I feel a lot better with the "firepower" of the Kahr over the KEL-TEC. But remember the first rule of gunfighting is to bring a gun to the fight. So the KEL-TEC does get some use.


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    personaly i would buy a kahr pm9 or covert 9 ( depending on just how compact you wanted it ) AND a kel-tech 2nd gen p3at , works out to about the price of the rorbaugh and you get a bug for your pocketpistol LOL
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    Quote Originally Posted by frankmako
    i was going to buy one, but kel-tec will have a small 9mm (i have the kel-tec p11 and it is a great gun) this summer, and shyy is also coming out with a small 9mm this summer. i am going to get both of them and test them hard. i test all of my guns hard (duty and off duty guns), this way i know they will go bang when i need them too.
    I'd loved to see the results when they're "in"! Both look very interesting, small and at great price points.

    Both interest me, but my other guns are Glocks (as well as a Skyy CPX-1 I'm still trying to get reliable for my comfort)

    Thanks. Looking forward to your thoughts!
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    Well, I'm going to go with the Rohrbaugh 9 as my next firearm purchase.
    Very soon.
    I am just so doggone impressed with that firearm.
    I think it's the epitome combination of diminutive size & maximum firepower in a little ultra high quality semi~auto.
    It's slightly on the steep side price wise but, a worthwhile firearm investment firearm according to my insightful gut feeling.

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