Problem shooting Kahr

Problem shooting Kahr

This is a discussion on Problem shooting Kahr within the Defensive Carry Guns forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; I have put over 300 rounds now through my CW9, but I still manage to shoot it low. I am spot on with my G19, ...

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Thread: Problem shooting Kahr

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    Problem shooting Kahr

    I have put over 300 rounds now through my CW9, but I still manage to shoot it low. I am spot on with my G19, but with the Kahr, I am about 3 inches below point of aim. I did notice that with the G19, my trigger finger goes exactly where it needs to on the trigger naturally, because of the size of the grip and what not. With the Kahr, I have to pull my trigger finger out a little bit, because with a firm grasp on the grip, my finger naturally sits between the 1st and 2nd joints of my finger- almost to the 2nd joint. I actually tried shooting both ways, and it is too awkward to shoot with my 2nd joint. What do you do to over come this? This is at about 4-5 yards or so.

    I asked the range master guy, and he said it's not the gun, it's the shooter. Well maybe, but I shoot the Glock really it could be the shooter with THIS gun I guess...

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    Quote Originally Posted by G19inLV View Post
    I have put over 300 rounds now through my CW9, but I still manage to shoot it low...What do you do to over come this?
    Aim high....(sorry, I couldn't resist). I think you're right that it is the shooter with this particular gun. Hand fit, trigger reach, not being able get your pinky on the grip can all impact it. Also, if the CW9 is a sub compact 9mm, you may be anticipating recoil. Very small and light 9mm have signficant recoil and you may be pulling down a bit in anticipation. Try resting on sandbags and using a laser level to get your point of aim down your sights and then check the actual point of impact compared to your marked point of aim.

    I shoot my PT709 dead on and one of my shooting buddies shoots it waaaaay low (like, off the chart low). I went through the exercise above to prove it wasn't the gun. He has long thin hands and fingers. Difficult for a small 9mm.
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    Just a thought, but you may have to take a close look at how you grip the pistol. You want to learn how to grip the pistol so the sights are aligned naturally when you raise it to shoulder height. Your trigger finger should rest on the pad of the finger, to not stick it through.
    I have had the same issues with my PM9 and it is kinda like having to learn to shoot all over. I had to keep telling myself my PM9 is not my 1911. My grip with both hands and triger set had to be learned for that smaller pistol.
    Hope this helps.
    Best wishes.

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    Can you try using a benchrest or have someone else shoot it? I'd also lean towards the gun not being the issue. I was shooting my Kahr a few inches too low before I added a Crimson Trace LG-437. When I followed the laser, I was noticing that I was lowering the gun in anticipation of recoil. Once I corrected my shooting, everything was dead center.

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    I have a CW9 and am very accurate with the gun. There is only one thing moving when you shoot and that is your finger. At least there should only be one thing moving. The gun is small and I have to remind myself to rest the pad of my finger on the trigger. It feels a little awkward but it works. If you rest the finger's joint over the trigger it will cause problems. I'm with the range guy, "it's not the gun."
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    My CW9 is doing just the opposite. I shoot about 3 inches high with mine. I assure you, as others have said, it is you not the gun. I too shoot dead on with my 1911's. You have to learn and shoot these pistols and adjust your hold and technique accordingly. If you raise the position of your finger to the top of the trigger and seperate the front dot just above the rear sight bar, that should put you right on target. Give it a try and practice all you can.

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    On another thread someone wrote that given the long trigger pull of the Kahr, you need to relax to first (nearest fingernail) joint and pull from the middle joint. This helps the finger tip remain square throughout the pull.

    If you just hold you finger out and pull like normal, you'll see the tip go past 90* but if you let that first joint go slack the tip is square at release.

    Something else to try at the range.

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    No problems with my CW9. In the beginning I noticed I was anticipating the shot during the long pull and had to spend some time working on that, but once I worked through that issue it's been fine.

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    It's just going to take some practice. I have 3 Kahrs, and I happen to shoot all 3 of them low. Since I carry different types of pistols, I haven't really learned to shoot each one differently and consciously think about it, so I just do what BugDude said.....aim high. Since I do it with all my Kahrs it actually makes aquiring the sight picture easier and I don't have to consciously think about it. I think with Kahr's it's just the long trigger pull, in fact I'm pretty good with the CW9 and PM9...but with my P380 I can't keep from shooting it's really bugging me. And bc 380 is so hard to find, I can't go practice as much as I want
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    I'm like the others...practice, practice and more practice. The long trigger pull can cause recoil anticipation or flinching and it takes time to get past it.
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    With the stock sights, I find if you line up the top edges of the front and rear sights, you should cover your target with the front dot.

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    The trigger on my CW9 is very light and crisp, but also very different from any other gun I own. I must shoot this gun using only my fingertip or else I will get a blister on the top side of my trigger finger after only a few shots. Somehow my finger gets trapped between the trigger and frame.

    Shooting with just my fingertip feels awkward to me, but it's the only way it works for me.

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    Sounds like its shooter induced, as my Kahr CW-9 shoots too POA
    on every shot; provided I do my part~!

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    You need to get use to the sights.Sight alignment on a Glock(factory)are 3 dots.The CW9 has one rear and one front sight.It took me some adjustment being I carry a Glock or Kahr CW9 at any given time.Practice-practice-practice. Be safe!!

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    I have a sim. issue shooting my MK...but it is new...and I am sure it is ME...

    I am having XS 24/7 Big Dots put on both my XD and MK as they are for CC and SD rather than they should help me with aging eye sight acquisition issues.

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