Who carries a model 60?

Who carries a model 60?

This is a discussion on Who carries a model 60? within the Defensive Carry Guns forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; I just got a 60-15 pro series, and I was wondering who else carries a 3in wheel gun? what holsters do you use? will a ...

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Thread: Who carries a model 60?

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    Who carries a model 60?

    I just got a 60-15 pro series, and I was wondering who else carries a 3in wheel gun? what holsters do you use? will a smaller grip fit?

    this is kind of a repost as I asked similar questions in the holster section, but seems like less trafffic there......

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    i carry a 1980's model 60. one of the best gun going. i use the clip draw belt clip and it has the wood grips.
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    Here's a link to photos of my model 60 and its rig(http://www.defensivecarry.com/vbulle...y-snubbie.html), its a AKJ concealco IWB holster, which I like a lot. Should work just fine for a 3" model 60.

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    I occassionally conceal carry my 60-10 in a FIST IWB holster with a set of Uncle Mikes full coverage grips which tame the recoil of .357 loads. Lots of power in a small package and it's accurate as all get out.

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    I have and carry as my primary gun a model 60-15 non-pro series and love it. I had a custom holster made by Rudy at Black Hills leather and like it very much. Black Hills Leather - Only the best custom gun leather western cowboy police holsters rigs
    There are two Hogue grips that will fit Smith & Wesson J Frame, Round, Bantam Style Rubber Grips New Hogue and
    ZZZ Smith & Wesson J Frame Round Butt Rubber Gripper New Hogue or
    S&W J Frame Round Butt Rubber Monogrip [60000] - $24.95 : Hogue Inc., The Best Value In Handgun Grips, Rifle Stocks and Accessories - Bar None!

    I had both, the 60000 (larger)which are about the same size as the UM grips, only feel much better to me, on the m60 and the smaller (very small) 61000 on my pre 36 Chiefs spl. I liked both very much...love Hogue grips. However, after playing around with the Crimson Trace grips, both of them now wear the laser grips. You are gonna love the gun more than you do now once you get rid of them Uncle Mikes grips.
    Also interesting reading:
    Good luck!

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    It's my every day gun. CT grips, good pocket holster. Great shooter too!

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    My 3" Mod 60 in a Simply Rugged Silver Dollar. Note the holster can be made to be worn either IWB or OWB - OWB in this pic.
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    For a while in the 1980's, I carried a pair of Model 60 revolvers, a traditional 2", and a bull-barreled square-butt 3". I eventually moved on to concealed-hammer Model 640 snubbies, and the 60s were traded or sold. Sorry, I don't remember the holsters I used; probably Bucheimer or Desantis, neither of which I use now.

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    Carried the 2" from 1980's till about 5 months ago when I got my M&P 40C

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    Model 60 .357 Magnum

    I've got the Model 60-14, 2 1/8" barrel. I carry using a Kholster IWB holster (extremely comfortable), and in-pocket with an Uncle Mike's.

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    Smith & Wesson Model 60-Nothing

    Sometimes, I rotate a 1979'ish .38 Special Smith
    & Wesson model 60 into my carry mix; and rightfully
    so, as I've owned it for a long time~!

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