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Help on picking out a new .45 for carry

This is a discussion on Help on picking out a new .45 for carry within the Defensive Carry Guns forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; I don't own one,but got a buddy with a G36. In fact he brought it yesterday to our little "match".He showed it to me cuz ...

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    I don't own one,but got a buddy with a G36. In fact he brought it yesterday to our little "match".He showed it to me cuz he got a new set of AmeriGlo,ghost ring,night sights for it. He told me a couple of months ago that he's got 3000rds. thru it without a burp. NOTE: Like me,he ALWAYS does a F&B on his weapons and puts a little bit'o lube in just the right places.

    The guys that own the guns that "just don't seem to shoot" should try this before going crazy and sending the weapon back to the factory IMO. --------

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    I've heard good things about the RIA ,45 from both my gunsmith and someone I know who has one.

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    Let me chime in on .45's for CCW
    When I do carry .45 it's my PT-145.
    Maybe I'm lucky,but I've never had any
    trouble with it.
    But when I carry a full size, it will be a Sig. P220.
    Just my .02

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    I would stay away from taurus semis too. had my PT 140 Kb on me and saw a 945 that wouldn't cyycle properly. personally , I feel my life is worth the extra $3-500 for my current CCW gun.
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    Initially Taurus developed a reputation for poor quality firearms. In recent years they have proven to be making an excellent product. I wouldn't hesitate to buy one, and have in the past.
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    Let me first say that the Glock 30 is a awsome handgun for CCW, totaly reliable, and rock solid. Like Exsoldier said get one with night sights and you have about the ultimate carry gun.
    Second, never put a price tag limit on a handgun your going to carry to defend your life.
    I see you didn't list any 1911 platforms in your initial post. Maybe cause you get what ya pay for when buying a 1911, BUT the SA GI or the SA Mil-Spec are both in your price range (sorta) and I would trust either one, but the weight factor of a full size 1911 turns most off as a CCW piece.
    Good luck in your decision.

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    My next carry piece is also going to be in .45 acp. It will be in the form of the SA XD45. The XD45 Service you can probably find within $100 of your price point depending on when/where you see it. I've seen them for $450 or so for the Service model. Not a bad price for a great handgun.
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    I can highly recommend the Taurus.....but I opted for the PT-145. I really like the 10+1 of .45acp. Here's mine and it has been flawless for over 3000 rounds.

    and it's accurate. Here is my 15 yard freehand two mag group.

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    I carry a fullsize 1911 everyday, it's a great platform and dead nuts reliable if you stick with the big three. I didn't suggest it as an option because it does take some getting use to and the only way t carry it "ready for action" is cocked and locked - a good number of folks aren't comfortable with that. The 1911 takes training to master, just like any other platform, and without knowing the shooter's skills set it's not really a favor to recommend one as a carry weapon.

    Besides, $300-$400 in a good 1911 and you're looking at a used gun. That's not bad per se but you definitely have to know what damage/hack gunsmithing to look for and how to run a safety functions to check.

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    The RIA 1911 is a great buy. I have 2 of them ,and they are a good platform to build on. Or check out the new one's coming out in several months with bells and whistles on them. Contact Ivan Walcott He want steer you wrong. Loads of helpful information, and the parts are at great prices. He's the one who supplys Sarco. Come on over here and give him a shout.

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    Just a thought, but after doing some looking, I picked up a S&W CS.45 for $400.00 out the door!

    Might be something to keep in mind.

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    SW99 best trigger on pistol ever.You will either love it or hate it!

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    Quote Originally Posted by mike_1
    I have a question for you. What do you feel your lacking in your Glock 22 that you will make up for with a 45? Now I don't want this to turn into a 40 vs 45 war but just curious why he wants to leave the 40 for a 45. I swap back and forth between the 40 and 45 GAP and feel very comfortable with either.
    Mike, thanks for your input. I don't feel I am lacking anything in terms of firepower with the G22, but I would like something smaller for CCW and at the present I have a .380, a 9mm, a .40, a .38 spl, a .357, etc. , but, no .45! As funds permit I would very much like to get a quality 1911 ( Kimber TLE? ), but for now I want a .45 to CCW
    and would like to keep the price below $400.

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    What's wrong with Taurus?

    Quote Originally Posted by WJP9
    Personal preferance...I would stay far away from Taurus semi-autos.

    Only reason I was asking, was that I have owned a couple, and didn't have a lick of trouble with them. Now I only have one left, the pt92, I sold the 99 needed the money at the time long story. Now both of these weapons, I bought around 6 years ago. I haven't purchased any of their new weapons, but was getting ready to, in the next couple weeks. I was going to purchase the 145bp which is the same as the 745 but instead of 7rds it holds 11, although I have read some people having issues with the slide hanging with a full mag in. I was also interested in the 945ss, unless you had small hands and that's not an issue for me, I heard this was a good weapon. I want to spend my money wisely, so if neither are good choices, I don't want to waste my money. my budget is 400-550 for a compact .45 and 600-700 on a large frame .45, any input would be greatly appreciated.

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    I recently picked up a Ruger p345 at a gun show for 365.00 and some change

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