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Picking a new Glock is like trying to pick from a litter of puppies...

This is a discussion on Picking a new Glock is like trying to pick from a litter of puppies... within the Defensive Carry Guns forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; Glock 27 or 36 is excellent....

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Thread: Picking a new Glock is like trying to pick from a litter of puppies...

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    Glock 27 or 36 is excellent.

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    Quote Originally Posted by jhh3rd View Post
    Skip the puppies and get the big dog, Glock 20 or 29!!
    Love my G26, but I really would like a G29. It's not a REAL gun unless the first shot breaks your wrist.

    The G29 would be the perfect "going for a hike" gun.
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    LOVE the thread title! I don't think there is a bad one in the litter.

    It is always surprising to see so many people here with so many Glocks. Infectious, look out.

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    You know it's a matter of which one you're going to choose FIRST. Have you held them yet? As soon as the 27 grip was in my hands I knew it was the perfect fit. And another good thing about the 27 is the ability to swap parts easily so you can plink for cheap(er)

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    I hated Glocks and the '36' was my first purchase...then a Glock-26. Now I'm looking at addiding to the litter with at least the Glock-19 and one more '36', then possibly a '30'.
    There are others I would consider, but I see my collection holding the above 4 guns, and at lease a 2nd or 3rd Glock-36 to be able to replace my EDC on a moment's notice.
    Starting over again? I would get the Glock-36.OMO
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    Glock 27
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    ANY of those you mentioned will "fill the bill".....
    IF you're used to a .45, my vote would be the 36,especially if "printing" is an issue.....I carry a 36 as my EDC in a CrossBreed Super Tuck...and it's truly NOT noticeable - by OTHERS or ME!! It's really comfortable!
    If you feel that you may be restricted by the 36's 6+1 capacity, just carry an extra mag or 2 (a good idea, IMO, regardless of how many rounds the gun takes....).
    Good luck.....You WILL be happy with whichever Glock you choose!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by QKShooter View Post
    Picking a new Glock is like trying to pick from a litter of puppies...

    or....The GlocktoMom and her multitude of ugly, identical looking little babies.
    Just about spewed coffee on the ole computer monitor QKShooter! Hilarious!

    To the OP:

    What das38spl said! The Glock 36 is SO EASY to carry. In a MTAC Minotaur, it truly conceals under a t-shirt. I've got a +0 mag extension on the mag in the gun & carry a spare with a +1 extension. If 14 rounds of 230gr Federal HSTs can't get me out of a tight spot, I screwed up!

    Try the 36, you'll like it I think.
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    Been looking for a nice midsized 9mm and have been considering just about everything but Glock. Already have a G36 and G32, and have sold a second G36, G26, G27............... Love Glocks but just wanted to try something else. Already have a S&W3913 and just sold my Kahr MK9 to my bud who bought my second G36. But after looking at every 9mm out there, guess what? Looks like a G19 is going to be the one. I'm so disappointed, and so relieved at the same time. This sucks.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Barbary View Post
    Looking for something to carry during Kentucky spring and summer season(i.e., printing a concern).
    I often carry a G26 during the hot Texas Summer months.

    And hot Spring months, and hot Fall months...
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    I CC a G23 every day and love it. Hope to add a G27 soon as well.

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    g30 & 19...made up your mind yet?....hahahaha

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    The best choice for your needs is a Glock 27 with a +1 grip. Smallest and lightest of the bunch with plenty of fire power (10+1 of .40). If you are like me and can get hi-cap magazines I would also suggest the 23 (13+1 of .40) due to the fact that the Glock 36 and 30 are practically the same size as the 23.
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    I have 3 out of the 4 guns you listed and used to own the 4th (G30) but had to sell it years back when I needed some cash. Of them all, I find myself carrying the G23 the most. 14 rds of .40 with a second mag of 13or 15 rd is very comforting. It is barely bigger than the G36 and not large enough over the G27 to make that much difference. However, I am planning on carrying the G36 with +1 grip ext more this "warm weather season" as it is so much thinner. I just plan to carry two additional +1 mags when I do. Then I will have 22 rounds of .45!
    You can't go wrong with any choice. Which ever you choose, you can bank on it not being lonely for long. Glocks have a habit of multiplying like rabbits!
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    A littler of pugs. I love em.
    Sig 226, 228. Glock 19, 23. Smith Model 60,and 1911. XD45 Tactical. Mossberg 930 SPX.

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