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Get guns off the market!

This is a discussion on Get guns off the market! within the Defensive Carry Guns forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; Back in the late 70's I found a Winchester mod.1897 shotgun for $60.00. Fixed her up a little and my boss came along with a ...

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Thread: Get guns off the market!

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    Back in the late 70's I found a Winchester mod.1897 shotgun for $60.00. Fixed her up a little and my boss came along with a hundred dollar bill and I needed the money. Saw one in a shop a couple of weeks ago for a paultry$1200.00. Oh well.

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    Lets see:

    Dan Wesson .44 mag 6'' ported barrel
    S&W model 659 9mm
    S&W model 19 .357
    Ruger Blackhawk Convertible .357/9mm
    Ruger Blackhawk .357
    Marlin 336c 30-30

    Yep I guess I have had several over the years and the thought of it is bringing tears to my eyes.
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    Quote Originally Posted by BugDude View Post
    Yep. Sold both 20 years ago. A pre-1960 Remington Fieldmaster Pump 22 rifle for $125 and a Luger 22lr pistol for $75. Sold both for what I paid for them. Wish I had them both back.
    I've got a Remington Fieldmaster -1966 M572 BDL "Deluxe". I don't think I've seen a pre '60 model.

    Oh, and I do regret selling the scoped Stevens .308 that I bought for $150 and sold for $350.. But the gain was nice.
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    Yes, while I've sold several from the "pack" I nearly break into tears when I think of selling my S&W 629 Classic...oh how I miss that revo!
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    New Mexico
    H&K USP 45 Carbine
    S&W Model 19 .357
    Norinco SKS
    Beretta 84 .380
    Taurus 9MM
    Japanese 7 MM WWII pistol
    Cheapie .32 S&W knock off
    MAC 9

    I miss them all!

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    Yes, I still cry about it.

    It was a Ruger All Weather 30/06 back about 8 years ago. I miss that rifle.
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    I had the first edition, 1960 Colt Trooper .357 beautiful accurate wheelgun, sigh, also an aluminum frame fully shrouded Colt Agent same 1960 era. Sigh...lots of regrets selling them.
    Walther P99 AS full size 9mm
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    Long ago I sold several guns without replacing them.

    Don't do that anymore.
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    Browning HP... Still kicking myself to this day.
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    6 inch Colt Diamond Back,Model 59 Smith& wesson stainless The colt was the most accurate revolver I ever owned.

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    Last year when finances were dire I sold all but two on my guns.

    I very much miss my CZ75, but for some reason haven't yet replaced it.
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    Yes an Israeli Military .45. Its the only one I have ever seen, and I still kick myself for letting it go.
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    Quote Originally Posted by maddyfish View Post
    A Stainless steel Ruger Super Blackhawk 44. I wish I had it now.
    Same with me, wish I still had it. Lost it in a divorce, I have no idea why she had to have the .44 Mag, I bet she has not even shot it.

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    South Central Wyoming
    UZI, and Desert Eagle 44 mag.
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    I once sold a few guns because I needed cash at the time, but I wish I had every one of them back. If I ever sell another gun it will only be to finance the purchase of new gun, but even that is unlikely.
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