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LCPs are still "Hot"

This is a discussion on LCPs are still "Hot" within the Defensive Carry Guns forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; I don't know how it is in the mountains of North Carolina, but LCP's are everywhere in the Midwest. Most can be had for under ...

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Thread: LCPs are still "Hot"

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    I don't know how it is in the mountains of North Carolina, but LCP's are everywhere in the Midwest. Most can be had for under $300... Even the new foo-foo Raspberry LCP.

    This link is for a dealer on the East coast with LCP's for $269:
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    North Carolina
    Got one in High Point NC for 280. OTD was 339 with a holster and a box of defensive rounds. Beware of the gun shows though, all the ones I saw at the shows were closer to 320.

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    Keep looking. They're getting cheaper around here all the time. Guy at work said he saw several at the last gun show in the $280-300 range.

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    Saw one at the local gun store for $280. Not so popular in a state that doesn't allow its citizens to carry I suppose

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    South Carolina
    I've bought two here in SC for around $280. Someone told me that our wally world had some .380 ammo last week.
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    Considering an LCP in the future as well. As for ammo I know our WW has had at least 500 rounds this year because I bought it! Well mostly my wife... she found 200 rounds two days ago! I buy it for those I know who carry a 380...

    I bought a P32 a while back because of the ammo thing but I haven't had that much trouble and 32 is higher than 380

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    Have you thought about the clone that Taurus just released? It's the 738 TCP and is almost identical, except that it has a slide lock that locks back on an empty mag.

    I got mine for $315.
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    I've taken .380 off the want-list for the time being. Even the girl at the gun store says she's down to one personal box of .380 and has ceased practicing with it due to lack of ammo. What ever happened to the "supply" half that goes with demand?
    I think I'll look at a CZ-82 in 9x18. Both it and ammo are readily available.
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    I'm confused as to why I keep hearing that nobody can find .380? Granted, I can't just run down to my local Walmart and expect to find any. However, I've picked up several cases over the last year (purchasing over internet from gunbroker, ammunition to go, etc..). The most I paid was for the first batch @ 60 cents a round. The cheapest I paid was 31 cents a round. I only had one back order (which was from Cabelas) but even it came in after 2 months.

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    While 380 ammo may be in short supply it may be found, and is getting more plentiful.
    There are several internet sites that have it.
    One just has to look harder.

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    Quote Originally Posted by wormy View Post
    Been considering a .380 for sometime now. Looked locally at all the gun dealers. LCPs are getting easier to find nowdays but locally they will cost you $350.00-$400. Not paying that for a mousegun. The P3ATs arent much cheaper. One shop sales the LCP for $279.00 but has a waiting list. Buds has been out of stock until yesterday morning they listed some for sale for $299. I grab one and put it in my cart and procedded to check out. When I hit the order button "Sorry- LCPs now out of stock" popped up. They sold them all in no time. Maybe I dont need a .380 after all.
    I can pick up an LCP for $299 here any time.
    -Kel-Tec P3AT .380 w/ Crimson Trace Laserguard and Clip Extension (summer carry)
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    The guns manufactured, reported on the ATF site for 2008 for the Ruger .380 shows 83,161. Kel-Tec reported 47,979 manufactured in 2008. That is likely where all the .380 ammo went! Yes, they are hot sellers!

    ATF Online - Statistics

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    I bought mine through

    I just checked and one sold there for $280 + $20 shipping on 3/4/2010.

    Another sold with a Crimson Trace Laser for $450 + $20 shipping.

    I've used for two of my guns over the last two years. Got a good deal, and a great deal. Patience is required. But your patience will be rewarded.
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    Ruger may make some with an extended barrel (4.2") for the Canadian market, if so I will snap one up in a hurry.

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