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Where is your gun when you drive ?

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Thread: Where is your gun when you drive ?

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    Ankle holster with pant leg pulled up for easy access and draw.
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    Where it always is, on my hip. Washington law requires it to be on your person while in a vehicle.

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    Question tried this --->

    but it didn't work out, how did you set up yours... details please...

    i could put the gun either way and this way seemed easier to get a grip on it... is it easy for you to grip with it facing the way you have it?

    i have always used a walmart bag for a trash bag in my truck...

    BTW you need to tap that mag in all the way... haha

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    I have an IWB holster for 3:30 carry and switch it to cross draw when in a vehicle. SA XD-40SC.

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    My firearm stays on me in the car...either OWB at 4:00 or IWB/SOB at 5:00. There are techniques to practice to move the seatbelt and draw.

    If I think I'm going to be in a 'problem' place, I either take a backup pistol and it goes either between the seat and console or under my thigh.

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    Mine is always on my person; 3:00, IWB. I thought about a place to have it off body, in the car, but what if you had to abandon your car in a hurry?
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    Not legal in Ohio as well.

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    IWB right side at 4:00.
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    Kel-Tec P-11, holstered, clipped and hidden inside drivers-side door pouch with properly-positioned and loaded spare magazine inside plastic handgrip above. Don't tell anybody. Let's just keep this between us. Okay?

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    Thank god I live in Texas all I need to do is cover that up with that cap and I am covered under castle doctrine. As for leaving it in my car my car is within sight of me most of the day, it is alarmed and, with a camera on it at both spots I park it.

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    I always carry my primary weapon on my right/strong side hip plus I have a G36 in the glove box with two spare mags. That is my backup plus my passenger weapon. If I ever need to get out to change a flat, or anything else gets me out of the vehicle, I'm carrying plus the wife/passenger has my back. If I'm feeling uncomfortable for whatever reason, the G36 is out of the glovebox and either in my hand or on the seat next to me, covered with a small towel. It's nice to have options.
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    Mine is always on my belt in its holster. I adjust my jacket and/or shirt and seatbelt when I first get into my truck to allow for a quicker draw if necessary.

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    Usually on the hip or tucked under my leg if I'm in stop-and-go traffic in a bad area. I do like that set-up you have though!
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    Thumbs up

    Quote Originally Posted by Alf87 View Post
    Mine is always on my belt in its holster. I adjust my jacket and/or shirt and seatbelt...
    Watch your six!

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    On my right hip...but I do pull my shirt up to expose the gun, in case I need to draw it.

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