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Thread: Glock 26

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    G26 with Trijicon's is the way to roll...... Same setup here and highly recommend it.
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    I do not have lasers on any of my firearms. I do see some of there advantages although I still opt for using sights. If you are new to shooting I would definitely get use to using sights first. Once you become proficient, then get the laser if you really want. No insult intended, if you are not new to shooting.

    I use Glock night sights on all of my Glocks. I like them better than the trijicons that I use to use. The front sights jumps out at ya a little more. I believe that the stock Glock sights are Meprolights.
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    I have the True Glo night sights on my G23. The owner of our local indoor range also has them on his glock. The fiber optics make them glow in daylight and artificial light and the tritium does the trick at night. I don't like the night sights on my CBOB due to the fact that they don't show very well in the daytime as someone else already posted. That's why I like the fiber optics on the True Glo. I personally think they are great and worth the money!


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    Save your money for ammo. You're gonna need it..!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by DIABLO9489 View Post
    Go with the TruGlo TFO's
    I love the TFO's on my g19 but I think they reduce the sight radius too much for a 26.

    All my pistols wear night sights of some kind and my 1911 has CT's too. Due to the Glocks size I would go with the sights as the laser would make it even bigger.

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    Night sights are good, but I should get Trijicon night sights instead; green front and yellow rear. Do you already have a good holster? If not, you can get a good one and the Trijicon night sights, and it still we be cheaper then getting the Crimsontrace laser sight. If you already have a good holster then get the Trijicon sights and ammo
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    Not much of a laser fan...played around with that on my S&W now lies in a box with my other toys and holsters that just didn't quite make the grade.

    I have stock night sights on my G26...and they are ok...but I rarely use sights to be honest. The G26 sight radius is sooooo small that, as a defensive weapon, I just thrust...point...shoot and it does the job nicely.

    I found that the MTAC IWB holster works great:

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    I put the Truglo Green Bright Sights with Tritium on my G 26. They are great in a pitch dark camper to see the gun at night. I all so like to see them staring at me from my Night Stand all night long at home. Oh ya I forgot, they work real well for sighting in and shooting in varieus light conditions.

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    Quote Originally Posted by SIXTO View Post
    I'd stay away from both, buy a nice holster and go out to eat with the rest.
    Agree 100%.

    However, if you insist on night sights, Trijicon Tritium is the only way to go. TruGlo type sights are great on shotguns for early morning waterfowl, but I don't like them on anything else.

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    Do you have a good flashlight? That should precede fancy sights, if you don't. And... 1 flashlight is the same as none.
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