Anyone carry SIG P226 for CCW?

Anyone carry SIG P226 for CCW?

This is a discussion on Anyone carry SIG P226 for CCW? within the Defensive Carry Guns forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; Anyone here carry a full-sized SIG, specifically a P226, as your CCW? What holster do you find works best? Issues with concealing (I know...dress around ...

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    Anyone carry SIG P226 for CCW?

    Anyone here carry a full-sized SIG, specifically a P226, as your CCW? What holster do you find works best? Issues with concealing (I know...dress around it)? Have you tried with the Magwell grips and 20-round mags? Other thoughts (e.g., "use standard grips and get 18-rnd mags" or "get a LaserMax, it will allow for standard holster fit" or "too heavy; get a smaller 9mm for CCW and leave the SIG for HD" or "consider a vertical shoulder holster", etc.)?


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    I do carry a full size Sig everyday, not the P226 though. Mine is slightly thinner, the P220R .45

    The P226 is an absolutely magnificent gun, and should be good for CC even though it is a large gun. It just depends on how badly you want to carry it.

    I carry my P220R in a CrossBreed Supertuck when I want to conceal it, and would recommend this holster to anyone looking to carry IWB. I personally think IWB is the way to go for concealment, much easier to "dress around". I would use standard length mags though, as the extended mags will print more.

    Hope that helps, Sigmanluke

    edit: I have found that the best position for concealment IWB is 4:30, the grip of the gun hides nicely near the small of the back. Everyone is different, yours may be too.
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    I don't carry a 226, I carry a 228. But I did carry the 226 got quite some time. I used a Canute from Ugly Bald Guy and a CTAC from Comp Tac. You to have to dress around the gun- but that is true with any gun. If I can hide the 228 I could hide the 226 the same way. (I changed because I shoot the 228 better.)

    As far as mags, I think the 20 rounders are good to carry as spares. No need to make the grip even bigger when trying to conceal though.
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    IMO, the P226 is a tad heavy and large for EDC under concealment garments. Nice on a duty belt for several reasons. I have a P229 and would like to CC, but for my height/weight/built it's a little too wide and heavy. Being slim and trim, I tend to carry a slim and light gun. That's just me. Everyone is built different and carries gun weight around the waist better.
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    I've carried my 226 frequently. Flush fit magazines definitely make it easier.

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    I carried my P226 or P220 for about 4 years in a Milt Sparks VMII. It was a little heavy and if buying a holster again I would go with the T&T Gunleather because it seats slightly lower.

    I recently switched to H&K for some weight saving. I do not think that you can get a better shooting or more reliable handgun than the Sig. I trust my HKs as much but nothing more.
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    I carried a 229 for a couple of years...the weight got too be too much. I switched to an M&P compact. When I put the 229 back on my belt it now feels like a boat anchor.

    Get a solid gun belt and a holster with wide connection points on the belt to distribute the load.
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    Carry it in a VM 2 style holster. Carry one all the time with just a t shirt over it. Use the same 18 round flush fit mags I carry on duty. I use a beltman belt and the weight is pretty well distributed.
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    Yes on occasions, in a Tucker HF-1 OWB
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    Thanks for the suggestions and holster recommendations. I think I may dress up the pistol with some Sig aluminum grips and MecGar 18-round flush fit mags for CCW use, and try out some of the holsters you identified.

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    I carry the 228. That extra inch makes a difference sitting down.
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