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Need a push on choosing first CCW

This is a discussion on Need a push on choosing first CCW within the Defensive Carry Guns forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; My XD9 just keeps functioning flawlessly. I like Sig, but they are expensive compared to the XD and I just don't see the added value ...

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Thread: Need a push on choosing first CCW

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    My XD9 just keeps functioning flawlessly. I like Sig, but they are expensive compared to the XD and I just don't see the added value for the money.
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    I guess it shows you that you really need to shoot something before you buy it. Find a range/friend that has a XD and shoot it. The same with anything else that you want to buy. I have MY favorites, but you may not like them - hence no recommendations. Just about anything that you buy will do the job. You just have to be satisfied with the tools.
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    Quote Originally Posted by gasmitty View Post
    If Sigs are within your price range, you can afford some very nice guns. In my mind, Glocks, XDs and M+Ps are pretty much variations on a common theme, and choosing among them comes down to how well any one fits your hand. Based on feedback from a guy who trains pros for a living, my choice if I bought today would be an M+P, but I'm not about to sell the G23 I own.

    The Sigs are pretty chunky guns, but boy, do they run... and run... and run. I've got thousands of rounds thru my 220 without a burp or a fart, and it's still the most accurate .45 I own (of 4). The 229 would be my choice in .40, simply because I'm used to the 220's action. If DAO works for you, then check out the newish 250 with its modular design.

    The other gun I'll suggest for your consideration is the H+K USP. This one doesn't fit my hand well, but everyone I know who either owns one or uses one for duty (e.g., Border Patrol) swears by them. Their quality and reliability are certainly on a par with the Sig.

    Oh... and welcome!
    This is an extremely well-written post. I personally agree with the assessment of Glocks/Springfield XDs/M&Ps being variations of the same type of gun. FWIW.

    I carry a SIG P239 .40 S&W. If you're not counting nickels and dimes to make your purchase you will not be sorry that you bought SIG. Tremendous guns in my opinion.

    Shoot as many of the guns on your list as you can before making your purchase, because that's really the best way to decide. Looks might be a factor, but the prettier gun isn't going to drop the bad guy in his tracks if, God forbid, you need it to.
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    Gosh, if you think the M&P has a bad history, you should take a look at all the problems with Glocks!

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    or 1911 :)
    I carry a 1911. Just recently got an XD for my husband. i love them both. I recommend either. cant go wrong there.
    for the price, the features you get, the reliability, etc. really an XD is the way to go if you like that style. double stack will be thicker and harder to conceal than a single stack 1911 though
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    If you want to stay under 1K. You can he a NIB Sig 229 or the easier to CCW Sig 239. Both come in .40 or 9mm. I love my Sig's and thats all I will buy. Because of the price I have few but I have quality.
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    I would get a Taurus PT140 AND a Taurus PT738 TCP. Actually thats what I did.
    The ergonomics on the PT140 are tough to beat and the TCP will give you a great pocket option when you don't want to carry a larger gun. Both guns combined can be had for the price of a SIg.

    I keep the TCP in my pocket nearly all the time now and carry it more than my PT145 or my Sig that I sold. Personally, I love Sigs and have owned several but I prefer the Taurus's for CC. I am thinking about the Sig 250 though.

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    I would have to send you my vote for the M&P. My sons and I shoot USPS competition with M&P in 9mm and have fired thousands of rounds without a hickup.

    A good friend that shoots in our club is the head instructor for a federal LE training center nearby and gave a presentation to his bosses in favor of the M&P vs. the Glock or Sig. Didn't change their minds on current usage, but was interesting. He told me that the M&P had a better fit in the hand and the natural point of aim was better due to the lower bore axis.

    The only thing I know is our guns shoot just fine and are very reliable.
    My 2cents.
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    I carry a Taurus PT111 or a 1911 - just depends on where I am going and for how long. I have thousands of rounds through each with no problems. If I were in the market, I would probably look at something in 40S&W - Sig 239/229/XD/Taurus PT140/Ruger P944 etc. - JMHO
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    just another to add to the "must try list"... Kahr CW40. Very easy to carry, shoots well, a bit snappier than the P239 in .40S&W, but should be in the running.... and about half of the $1K budget. (oh... Trijicon Tritium nights sights are available now as well)


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    thank you all so much for you $.02, exactly what I was looking for.

    I have shot both the XD and M&P (first post) and did better with the XD. The M&P felt better, but that didn't translate to accuracy for me. I liked the looks better, no snag sights, feel better but the XD just worked better for me. With a lot of the knocks on the M&P .40 when it first came out, it just troubles me. Even if not for concern on the piece I could get today, just a matter or principle that S&W would release something that obviously (IMO) should not have passed any quality control process in design. I can get over my principles if it outperformed the XD and really I did like it better outside of the target, not that I couldn't shoot it well if I took my time. Still not ruling it out.

    The SIG 239 is interesting too. I like the idea of striker fired DA only because to me it's as close to a 1911 SA condition 1 as you can get and be assured of safety. So, stupid question but I can't find anywhere online about any safety on the SIG and have not had a chance yet to handle, let alone shoot one; do they have a safety on the hammer fire models like the 239 as opposed to say the 250? If not, is typical carry just condition 2? Forgive the stupid question but I can't find the answer online and don't have the experience with this model as stated.

    What about the SIG 250? Any input?

    locally (central OH) there are two major ranges and the one I went to doesn't have SIG or H&K, so I'm hoping (wife permitting) to go soon to the other and try out those models. Hopefully they allow rental as the other did to me on the XD and M&P.

    If the SIG and H&K is a bust, I may be back to the XD or even a custom SA to get what I want if I can under $1k.

    Speaking of SA, anyone have any experience with the EMP in the .40? I know, over $1k, but darn it's sexy. I know sexy doesn't help in a need for CCW, but I'm still a boy at heart and like my toys. :)

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    First off there is no perfect gun. Close maybe but not perfect.

    People who buy guns quit carrying it if the gun is too bulky or too heavy for their taste. There are exceptions but for most of us it's something we find out one way or another.

    People don't shoot guns they feel uncomfortable with. As a result their skills are lacking.

    Accuracy is more important than capacity (within reason) but you need enough capacity just in case. Make sure you can shoot reasonably well what you choose to buy.

    What I find comfortable at the range is seldom what you will find in my pocket or holster. For me at least, it will normally be a small light pistol of medium caliber, weight and size. All of this is a compromise. For the most part my CC habits hover closer to covert due to common exposure to NPE. When I can, it's bigger and more capacity.

    Buy what you will pack. People say over and over and it's deadly true that when the SHTF a .380 in the pocket is better than a .45 in the glove compartment. A nine in the pocket is even better.
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    Quote Originally Posted by sledder23 View Post

    So, stupid question but I can't find anywhere online about any safety on the SIG and have not had a chance yet to handle, let alone shoot one; do they have a safety on the hammer fire models like the 239 as opposed to say the 250? If not, is typical carry just condition 2? Forgive the stupid question but I can't find the answer online and don't have the experience with this model as stated.
    I don't know about current SiGs (been out of the loop for a while), but AFAIK none of the classic P series (225, 226, 228, 229, 239, 220) SiG guns have a manual safety. They are all DA\SA with a decocker.

    They have a bunch of variations of their product line now, so it's possible there are some models with a manual safety now. Check their website.
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    I myself am not on the glock bandwagon either. my ccw is a subcompact xd-9 my shooter is an xd(m) - 40 and have readily access to xd-45 I love them. never had a single problem they run great, look great, and feel great, to me theres not a better gun in the service/duty polymer frame class. you wont be disapointed with an xd. Plus the xd(m)'s have a match barrel in them stock and the 40's have 16 rd magazine and the 9's have a 19 rd magazine.

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    Plus all the money you save with the xd over the sig you can buy lots and lots of ammo and that just adds up to a whole lot more fun

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