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looking for compact that's not DAO

This is a discussion on looking for compact that's not DAO within the Defensive Carry Guns forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; I would say the Springfield EMP or a CZ p01...

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Thread: looking for compact that's not DAO

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    I would say the Springfield EMP or a CZ p01
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    No has mentioned the Walther PPS in 9mm or 40S&W.

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    I 2nd that p2000sk. I went through the list just like you. I am not a DAO fan and I landed firmly in the H&K category. Sig was the runner-up.

    The P2000SK is a flawless shooter and way more accurate than I am.
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    thanks everyone, think im gonna go HK usp.45 or the sig route. thanks!!!

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    Just a quick comment. You said "compact" and the H&K P2000sk is a sub-compact. Don't get me wrong I have and carry everyday a P2000sk or a P2000 which is the real compact. I also chose the DA/SA over their LEM (sort of DAO) trigger. Awesome shooters and as reliable as a rock.

    You also can not go wrong with a Sig. If money is an issue the much forgotten Sig Pro 2022 a 3 1/2 inch barrel, night sights, and DA/SA for about $435 at Bud's Gun Shop. It originally was an $800 handgun. The BEST out of the box trigger excluding 1911s.
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    Quote Originally Posted by SCfromNY View Post
    Just a quick comment. You said "compact" ...

    The OP stated in the post above yours that he landed on a HK USP, demonstrating that everyone's definition of "Compact" has wriggle room.

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    Given the criteria you've mentioned and assuming this is for concealed carry on a belt holster ...

    Heckler-Koch, SIG or CZ would be my choices, given the available options in the market.

    Of the sizes of handguns available, I would group them roughly in this way for purposes of my recommendations:

    • Compact -- 6.5 to 7.5" OAL.
    • Sub-compact -- 6.0 - 6.5" OAL.
    • Mouse -- Under 6.0" OAL.

    Specifically, out of the entire market of available guns, I would recommend one of the following (in no particular order):

    • HK P2000SK -- avail in 9mm, .357 SIG, or .40cal. ~6.5" OAL.
    • HK USP Compact -- avail in 9mm, .357 SIG, .40cal or .45 ACP. ~7" OAL.
    • CZ P-01 -- avail in 9mm, .40cal. ~7" OAL.
    • CZ 2075 RAMI -- avail in 9mm, .40cal. ~6.5" OAL.
    • SIG 239 -- avail in 9mm, .357 SIG, .40cal. ~6.5" OAL.

    All of these is well noted in the market for solid reliability, durability, accuracy. All are hammer-based (not striker-fired) trigger systems. All are either of a decocker or non-decocker model. All are well supported by gunsmiths and holster makers.

    Ergonomically, each will fit different sized hands. For example, the CZ RAMI and the HK P2000SK are significantly shorter than the others, at least to me. The CZ P-01 and RAMI seem to have a larger circumference grip. The HK P2000SK and USP Compact have the best feeling grip angle, to me, closely followed by the CZ P-01 and RAMI. In terms of reliability, durability and reputation, I'd say the SIG 239 is at the top of the group. IMO.

    Many people carry these each day and have reported finding them well suited to the task.

    Of these, I have had the CZ P-01 9mm. Refer to my earlier reviews for one opinion. I also have a HK P2000SK 9mm. Both are roughly similar in size, though the P2000SK is a bit smaller. Both have large, easy-to-manipulate controls. The HK is ambidextrous in all controls. If larger/easier controls are required by you, I would recommend either of these two.

    If you were forced to purchase any of these sight-unseen, I would recommend one only: HK USP Compact. It'll fit the largest range of hands. It's got the greatest choice in calibers and trigger/safety options.

    If looking for even smaller, you might consider some of the Taurus options, such as the PT111, or the Millennium Pro models. Though, I wouldn't class these in the same group as the others in terms of reliability, durability, accuracy or reputation.

    Given my preferences in size, controls, ergonomics, I have purchased the P-01 and P2000SK. Though, of the group, I would have no problems relying on any of them.

    Good luck in your purchase. Enjoy!
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