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Does anyone have any experence with a thigh holster?

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Thread: Does anyone have any experence with a thigh holster?

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    Save your pennies for a good quality custom leather-crafted product!
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    I am still confused. Is the OP talking about tactical holsters or thigh holsters as in female carry under a skirt or male is that is your thing.
    Tactical holsters were made to simply place your handgun off your belt and below the level of your body armor.
    I agree if he is talking about a tac holster to carry a compact Glock there are a lot better options.
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    I am also 'confused about whether we are "talking" about a "drop leg'/tac holster or a THIGH holster.

    If a "THIGH HOLSTER" then I will weigh in.

    I wear a KILT. Over the years, I have "experimented" with "thigh holsters" for "deep carry" ( rigs have been supplied" to me by Female LEOs.)

    Here is my personal take. (including "feed back" from the LEOs.
    1.Best used with sm. semis ( the largest I tried & that worked "reasonably" well ( wt. was the factor) was a colt "agent") An Air wt. snubby revolver.(worked well but the cylinder did cause some "discomfort") My SP101 worked, but the Wt. was a consideration.)

    2. Comfort =
    a. In warm weather ( remember I have 8 yd.s of wool wrapped around me.) perspired.
    b. Several did not have a "comfortable" waist "belt" & a couple of them had "suspension straps that "rubbed"

    They are not the easiest to adapt to, but if chosen & fitted well, with the "proper gun, then they are a good way to carry deep.


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    Never worn a "thigh" holster, but high rig tactical style holsters suck. You have to constantly adjust your pants, and it pulls on your belt. My vote..."no thanks"

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    I knew a female investigator back in the 70's when women wore skirts and dresses who carried High Standard .22 derringer in one. She wore it high up on her left linside thigh. Yeah she showed it to me............ still a vivid memory.
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    I bought a no name one when on duty in Iraq 2003. Worked fine for me. Not practical here at home though - for me anyways...
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