Does anyone have any experence with a thigh holster?

Does anyone have any experence with a thigh holster?

This is a discussion on Does anyone have any experence with a thigh holster? within the Defensive Carry Holsters & Carry Options forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; I was wondering if anyone had any experence using a galco thigh holster or similar product used with a Glock 27 or other sub compact ...

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Thread: Does anyone have any experence with a thigh holster?

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    Does anyone have any experence with a thigh holster?

    I was wondering if anyone had any experence using a galco thigh holster or similar product used with a Glock 27 or other sub compact pistols. I'm looking for a new way to carry during the long hot summers in NC and FL.

    Sorry no catchy quote.

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    I used a blackhawk thigh holster with the berreta 9mm in Iraq. I despise the daggone things. You sweat more where the holster is and not to mention it pulls your pants down way more than any hip holster would. Sometimes on patrol thing sagged so far it would get caught behind the knee and be a problem when things got interesting. I bought a holster for my IBAS and will never ever use a thigh holster again
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    Not yet, but I think the right thigh holster would be pretty sexy on my wife...

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    I wear one often for work; they are horrid for daily carry. Do not buy one unless you are going to use it for its intended purpose. (And daily carry aint it.)
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    Quote Originally Posted by SIXTO View Post
    I wear one often for work; they are horrid for daily carry. Do not buy one unless you are going to use it for its intended purpose. (And daily carry aint it.)
    You got that right.

    Personally I can't stand the dang things.

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    I liked it for carry in Iraq and other places. Mine was a bit different, I cant remember the name brand, but it had the two straps around the leg and it was very comfortable. Using a good stiff belt made a world of difference. I was sweating so much over there not to notice a difference with or without the holster, so I cant comment on that. Mine stayed put and preformed perfectly. However, I dont recommend carrying it in the civilian world. Its not that practical. If you can, carry on your belt or shoulder holster.

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    I use one for work with my M9 as well. It's 'OK' but would rather a something else. It really would not be a good choice for me anywhere else though.

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    I've used a uncle mikes type with ambi thumb snap and 2 stretch quick release leg strapsfor some pistol drills,Ain't no way I'd be walking around with that thing for very long,but It did support my Grizzly 1911 44 magnum pretty decent
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    I carry one for work sometimes, but only for specific situations. They are uncomfortable and, as pointed out, tend to pull your pants down. It is also very awkward when you are driving.

    Are you talking about wearing one for daily open carry as a private citizen? That sort of "tactical" look would probably draw a whole lot of attention.
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    Ummm, is this thread about a ladies thigh holster for wear under a skirt or a tactical "drop leg" style holster?
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    A thigh rig for a G27? That's a strange way to carry a small gun.

    My experience is that its a good place to have a sidearm when your carrying a rifle. It puts the PG out of the way so that manipulating a long stick requires much less effort. Other than that, I think there are "better" methods of carry for just about any situation.

    I bought one for a class, wore it once, and haven't thought of it since. OWB is better for training, since it's most likely the gear I'll be wearing if I ever need to rely on my skills. Also, I personally find the sensation of three pounds of gun and ammo flapping around on my thigh to be very much an unwanted distraction. It knocks against everything and limits one's ability to enter/exit vehicle or go prone. No thanks. It's a novelty item in my rotation for sure.
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    to all,

    my daughter carries my old Makarov (she didn't want A PISTOL, she wanted MY pistol. - that's why i had to buy my current P6.) in a thigh holster (it looks like a garter belt with MAK.) every day at the university where she works. - N________ wears a lot of long wrap skirts & she can draw it in one FAST/smooth motion from under the skirt.

    fwiw, i would suggest that thugs avoid bothering my daughter like a case of the plague, as she doesn't take well to being harrassed.= one mugger in TX found out about that the HARD way!
    (fwiw, AmerIndian grrls have a LOW tolerence for being mauled/assaulted/"grabbed" & are COLD-bloodied, too.)

    my advice as a retired LEO: IF you LOVE your lady, mother, aunt, sister, grandmother, daughter, etc BUY her a pistol & pay for PROFESSIONAL lessons. = that is CHEAPER than paying ER bills or for funerals. - every day that passes, more predators are preying upon women.
    (it has been my experience that women do NOT take critism/correction from men in the family well. otoh, they DO accept correction from a PROFESSIONAL instructor, without hassle.)

    yours, TN46

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    Don't use one without long pants - an loose fitting ones at that.
    Very uncomfortable if you are considering shorts. Don't do it!
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    They are OK for garrison wear....but sitting in a vehicle, no-go. Like other posters said, they do pull on the belt, no matter how high you put the leg straps. Not to mention, if you HAVE to move fast, you don't want stuff on your legs.
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    Thumbs up thigh holster

    I saw one blog that was dissing thigh holsters and started searching which is how I came to this site. So there are 4 gals in my family who all carry on a regular basis and all have thigh holsters for the summer or church type events.

    They all wear chick holsters with these little flowers. They like that but they seem to like the holsters for comfort too. They pack anything from a little LCP .380 to a full size .40 under their skirts. Most of them wear them everywhere in a skirt (don't take them off in the car to my knowledge) and never complain about it.

    I don't wear a skirt, but they do and they brag about their holsters and guns to each other. I think they like dressing up and knowing there's a gun under their skirt... I know I do.

    They got these from Chick Holsters

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