Blackhawk SERPA Holster

Blackhawk SERPA Holster

This is a discussion on Blackhawk SERPA Holster within the Defensive Carry Holsters & Carry Options forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; I am looking for a kydex OWB with retention for OC, range use, and concealment if necessary. The Blackhawk Serpa caught my eye. My Glock ...

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Thread: Blackhawk SERPA Holster

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    Blackhawk SERPA Holster

    I am looking for a kydex OWB with retention for OC, range use, and concealment if necessary. The Blackhawk Serpa caught my eye. My Glock 27 will be going in it. Does anyone have any experience with these holsters? I would love to know what you think. How is the quality, durability, functionality, conceal-ability? How do you like the retention button function?

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    Here's a good video describing them (says much more about it than I can better than I can), I found it in doing my research on them.

    YouTube - Level 2 and Level 3 Holsters

    Do a search and you'll find opinions both for and against the system

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    This is my main carry holster for my G-27. I have never had any issue with it it has been a Great holster for me Im sure it isn't for everyone.

    Quality - Never had any problems

    Durability - Mine hasn't broken or loosened up like my old Fobus did.

    Functionality - It works well for someone that doesn't like IWB holsters & not overly bulky for what it is

    Conceal-ability depends on what you wear but with the G-27 I have never had any real problem concealing with this holster.

    Retention Button - Now when I first started using it I didn't trust it so I carried un-chambered for a while but now I always carry chambered. I also have never had the retention fail to hold or release when I needed it to. I have read that it is possible for something to lodge in the retention system which could cause it not to release properly although not happen to me as of 3 yrs of use.

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    I use mine for my 1911A-1 GI. I carry in crossdraw with it, but that's the beauty of the system, you can change it up as you need.

    I love my holster, and the release button is perfectly placed for the "finger-straight-and-off-the-trigger" draw...


    It works pretty well...
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    Great holster/system. Depending on what you wear, it *may* not be suited for concealed carry....EvilMonk does it well.

    If you get the holster, practice drawing, dry-firing with it. Like any other piece of equipment, you need to get used to pressing the button to release. I had it down in less than a day....practice practice practice...

    I use this holster when I OC.....also used when deployed to Afghanistan for a year. I trust my life to it.
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    I have one for my 23 and used it to CC prior to picking up my Supertuck. If you plan on CC'ing a lot, i would spend a little more money and pick up something IWB. For general use though, the Serpa is a great holster. I've actually removed the belt mount from mine and use it in the evenings. When my 23 comes out of the Supertuck it goes into the Serpa to sit on the bedside table.

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    I can add to the above comments about functionality/drawing. I shot my first year of USPSA 3-gun matches with my Kimber 1911 in it. This means not only was the finger button not a problem for draws but it held securely running around, diving in "bunkers", duck walking in Cooper tunnels, going prone, etc. Like was said, key word with any new equipment is practice.

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    It's an inexpensive great little general purpose holster. I use mine with the paddleback attachment as my range holster and have used it a couple of times as my CC holster.
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    I give mine (M&P 45) high marks for everything except for concealability. Just because there are better choices.
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    I have one for my glock 17 ,I use it more in the colder months it's a good holster
    that secures your pistol real well.the button takes some getting use to .Since I bought this one I have purchased others that I like better.

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    I have one of these holster and love it. It is my OC choice because I have the paddle with it. When I get my CPL I will order the belt attachment so it conceals more easily.. I like it for the level 2 retention it is a fast smooth draw.. good luck.. carry on
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    I use mine for my XDM used in 3 gun competition. It works well and the pistol stays in.

    It's too bulky (for me) for concealed carry.


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    You should also take the time to consider the Safariland ALS belt and paddle holsters. Both the Safariland ALS and Blackhawk! SERPA holsters would meet your requirements, well. The retention systems are significantly different, and you should find out which works better for you - index finger activated, or thumb activated.

    I have a SERPA CQC. I use it mostly for OC. This winter, I used it for CC under my coat, but I don't think it would conceal well given my preferred dress in the other three seasons, but that is also partly my body shape. As BikerRN pointed out, proper concealment is retention, and a good IWB concealment holster is going to provide passive retention, anyway.
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    I love the holster, retention is great and keeps my finger off the trigger when i carry my Kimber (3lb trigger) and my glock 23 (3.5lb trigger). Just not a holster for CCW. Little too bulky for me.
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    Thanks for all the good input everyone, sounds like a dependable and functional holster. I am going to make the purchase. Pics will be up when it arrives!

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