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Thread: Holsters

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    Quote Originally Posted by cbswh View Post
    I\'ve got 2 IWB ComII holsters from HBE Leatherworks. Eric makes a great holster for a fair price. Among the whole drawer-full of holsters I\'ve got, they\'re my favorites.
    Eric does make a super nice holster, for sure. I have one of his Com III IWB's, in black, for my CZ 75B. It rides and conceals beautifully.

    (Oops! I just realized this thread was resurrected from long dead. Oh well... the sentiment stands, nonetheless.)
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    Quote Originally Posted by Bravo3 View Post
    What is everyone\'s preference for carrying concealed? I am looking for a holster to carry concealed and can\'t make up my mind about what position to carry in.
    Until you've actually carried for awhile with each mode, you'll not know what'll work for your criteria, preferences. We can give you all the suggestions about our own experience that you want, but those suggestions are largely irrelevant for what feels good to you.

    Generally speaking, body shape has a bit to do with what fits in a given spot. That'll dictate whether shoulder, OWB or IWB will feel good. It'll also affect where on the belt that OWB or IWB will feel good. What feels great at (lefty) 8:00 o'clock to me might well dig into your side. What body shape supports comfortable shoulder carry might well hurt you an hour later. Hard to tell, until you actually carry it that way for awhile.

    IMO, get a simple OWB holster and a IWB holster for your pistol. FIST might be a good maker to start with, since they have several options that are quite inexpensive for a custom maker. Particularly if you've got a popular pistol, you shouldn't have much trouble selling the holsters later if it turns out that you've opted for another path. In this way, you should be able to determine which method works best for you, with a minimum of overall cost. Yes, you'll be putting out for holsters up-front, but you will fairly quickly come to the realization that a given setup works well for you. In the long run, that'll save you time and frustration with a rig that simply doesn't work well for daily carry, day after day after day.

    And don't forget the crucial importance of a decent belt, one that's designed with carrying heavy guns/holsters in mind. It can make all the difference, for handling the twisting forces that are put onto a belt by heavier gear worn daily. It'll also help in making things comfortable. IMO, start with a 1.5" wide belt. If your clothing can support it, consider 1.75". Though, some folks do fine with belts that aren't so wide. Consider a belt that's a "double" cow hide. You don't need to go expensive, but you should strongly consider going with a "gun" belt, since they'll have generally been designed with heavier guns in mind. Once you find out what makes a good gun belt good, then you can fiddle with off-brand belts and other models of belt. Many folks find good performance in belt makes that some have never heard of. Fine, once you know what you're looking for. Me, I prefer to stick to what I know works well. A couple good makers of belts, holsters.

    My choices: Beltman, for belts. Fist and Mitch Rosen, for holsters.

    I have tried many different holsters. One of the nicer holsters I have is a DC Special (basically, the COM3 with spring clips), from HBE Specialty Leatherworks. It's durable, well-designed, comfortable. And in the end it turned out to be nearly as affordable as a similar rig from Fist. Far less expensive than a comparable Del Fatti or other, "high" end maker's holster.

    Of all the holster makers I've tried, perhaps the best value has been Fist Holsters. They make them durable and simple, for each of their designs. They take custom alterations, to spec. And their prices are very competitive. All available within 5 weeks or so. Every time. I've got a dozen of their items and like them quite a bit.
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    That is an open ended question that should get tons of responses. I primariliy use Cross Breed and Kholsters. I also carry using a pocket holster for my LCR from Uncle Mike's. But the pocket holster if pretty obvious...even for a big guy.
    Best Regards from Minnesota,


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    These are my winners.

    OWB: Raven Concealment Phantom
    Shoulder: Galco Miami Classic II
    Ankle: Gould & Goodrich Bootlock
    Pocket: Mika, Desantis Nemesis & Superfly
    Belt: Wilderness Instructor 1.5/5 Stitch

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    HBE does nice work for the CZ line.

    Speak to Eric or check the website.

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    I've only been carrying for about half a year. I still can get use to IWB so I don't carry that way. When I'm with the extended family, business lunch, out to the movies, I use a ankle holster. Yeah, it feels like there is a cat humping your leg but there is a lot of hugging at family affairs. The down side to the ankle is it's only valuable when sitting down. Getting down on one knee is lame.

    OWB I like a leather holster that sits close to the body. I never tuck my shirts in anyway.

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