Barami Hip Grips?

Barami Hip Grips?

This is a discussion on Barami Hip Grips? within the Defensive Carry Holsters & Carry Options forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; How many of you ever carry your J-Frame with the Barami Hip Grips? I don't all the time, but they sure are convenient for that ...

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Thread: Barami Hip Grips?

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    Barami Hip Grips?

    How many of you ever carry your J-Frame with the Barami Hip Grips? I don't all the time, but they sure are convenient for that quick trip down to the local Stop-N-Rob for a jug of milk at 10:00 PM.

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    Works great. T-grips are a must.

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    I don't much anymore as most of my J frames have learned to live in my pocket, but for 20 years or so, a model 37 with a Barami was stuck into the front of my pants.

    I never had a problem with it and the gun always stayed put. I never had any rust problems even though I know I sweated on it a bunch. I always gave my gun an oily wipe at night when I took it off.

    Kind of "Old School" now and a lot of folks never heard of them, but they still are a viable option.

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    I have a "test set" on my 442 right now, courtesy of a friend's generosity. I've carried this way a few times, not sure I really like it. Convenience, yes. A bit concern about the exposed trigger, yes. Right now I think the DeSantis Gunhide holster tucked inner or outer waist works better, stays put and gives trigger protection. Don't know yet what I think of them. Interesting to see what others think.
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    Barami + ...

    Tyler T-Grip + Hogue Handall

    Try it! You'll like it!

    Just cover the standard set up with the Handall and it just works.

    Concealable & controllable! In a pinch you can holster it.
    Hooah! It's an Army thing!

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    I tried them. They do work, but only in the best of circumstances IMO. I was always ultra-conscious of them and worried the gun would slip when sitting or doing anything other than just standing or walking. So, I found myself fidgeting with the gun; a no-no when trying to remain covert. Additionally, I was not confident of my gun retention level should I get into a scuffle.

    I always do a little bit of test with my carry options; the neighbors probably think I'm crazy when I do it (if they see me). I will put the unloaded gun in the holster and jump and squat to varying degrees, and then, without touching the gun, roll around on the ground (grass) trying to simulate a brief struggle. You'd be surprised where your firearm ends up sometimes. The Hip Grips failed this for me. You might try it.

    IMO, carrying without a holster IWB might look cool in the movies, but it has little value when it comes down to the nut-cuttin'.

    JM2C, but I respect your right to use them full out. Just not for me.

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