Yesterday I received an Ultra Carry - Concealed Carry Air Marshall Holster. Today my Tucker Silent Thunder IWB arrived. Both are for my PM9.

The Ultra Carry is a soft shoulder holster with a 4" cloth band around the chest secured by 2 velcro strips and 1.5" stretchy shoulder strap. The holster is cloth with a retention strap also secured with velcro. It also has pockets for 2 clips.

I wear very comfortable clothes around the house - sweats, running shorts, t-shirts, so no place to hang a gun. The Ultra Carry solves that problem and after wearing it a while feels natural. I have a light weight button shirt nearby to put on when answering the door.

Although I got this for house carry, it is likely suitable for many scenarios. I was starting for the store with it when the mail lady came with my Silent Thunder, so i switched holsters.

I've read day 1 reviews of the Silent Thunder and thought how would they really know it will work out over time. I'm not going to review it, but my sentiments run along the WOW vein. I started off not believing I would ever like IWB and once I found the sweet spot, I can't imaging not carrying it.

I gave it a test wearing it while I dug a trench and installed sprinkler lines in the back yard. At first it poked me when bending over with the shovel to pick up dirt. Either it shifted a tad or I got used to it because it wasn't noticeable very long. Then I'm on my knees bent over the trench gluing pipes together and sitting in the dirt, etc. I'm gritting my teeth not wanting to get it dirty or hurt it, but determined to see the test through. The clip did get dirty but it cleaned right up and is like new. I think it's a keeper.

I'm glad I decided not to review it , but had to tell. Before I see the "where's-the pictures" thing, I'll say it looks like all the others and you will not find better pics of it than those in this thread by photoshooter on the KahrTalk Forum. Silent Thunder Pics The only difference is my gun is a PM9, his an MK9.