suggestions - s&w 642 (airweight)

suggestions - s&w 642 (airweight)

This is a discussion on suggestions - s&w 642 (airweight) within the Defensive Carry Holsters & Carry Options forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; any suggestions for what i could use to conceal and carry this light weight beauty?...

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Thread: suggestions - s&w 642 (airweight)

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    suggestions - s&w 642 (airweight)

    any suggestions for what i could use to conceal and carry this light weight beauty?

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    I have a Mika pocket holster that was suppose to be here this week....maybe next

    Seems like one of the best options for me.
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    Almost impossible to answer. What mfgr? What material? Where or how you will carry? Can you even carry it? My first purchase of a firearm was a 642. I keep it near my bed for just that purpose. I may have thought about CC but whenever I tried it I found it to be an "elephant". There was no way I could see CC in a pocket. I decided that, on occasion (particularly when driving around), I would try and CC the 642. I recently purchased an OWB Uncle Mikes kydex paddle holster that clamps over the pants and also comes with hardware for a belt loop, if that is your preference. Very light, sturdy, adjustable cant on angle of revolver in holster and the best part --$20--I could live with the experiment and it has proven to be OK. I'm still not a big fan of everyday 642 CC but for $20 it does the trick when I want to.

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    Galco do a light, inexpensive IWB holster in suede, but since getting the Pock-A-Roo I have been carrying mine exclusively in my pocket - and the extra speed strip is a welcome addition.

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    I like & use one of these for my J-frame.

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    I used a Crossbreed Supertuck when I first started carrying but since it is warmer I have been using a Desantis Nemisis and it is great. Light weight, comfortable, great retention, and a super fast draw from the pocket. Nothing better than being able to walk out of Wally World with my hand on the grip of my 442.
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    I've got one & carry it in one of mine. Very much like Lou's CQC/s.
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    Happy to recommend the Pocket Packer Premium from Wild Bill's Concealment. Link: Pocket Packer

    About $50. The 'premium' model has the snap-on flat piece that makes the holstered gun look like a wallet in your pocket. Top-notch product and quite durable.
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    I carry mine in a Kramer Pocket Holster. It is comfortable, durable, and no one has ever detected it.

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    I use a Mika when pocket carrying....basically everyday. In jeans I use IWB. I like the look of that Side Guard IWB.
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    I used to use a Desantis Nemesis to pocket carry my 642, but it felt too bulky for most of my clothing. For pocket carry I'd recommend a leather holster from RKBA Holsters (Link: RKBA Leather & Holsters )

    Stephen makes a great pocket holster with a smooth anti-printing side and a molded inner side for retention.

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