Leather vs Formed Plastics

Leather vs Formed Plastics

This is a discussion on Leather vs Formed Plastics within the Defensive Carry Holsters & Carry Options forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; SO as I am waiting on CLP I am looking over holsters and wondering which direction to go. Having a nice leather holster is appealing ...

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Thread: Leather vs Formed Plastics

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    Leather vs Formed Plastics

    SO as I am waiting on CLP I am looking over holsters and wondering which direction to go. Having a nice leather holster is appealing but I believe leather will over time present holster wear on the weapon. Does the foarmed plastic holster like the Supertuck present holster wear? I believe this is probobly very insignificant at best and just me being retentive but the weapon is new only 250 rounds shot through it so far and I like taking good care of my investments... lol! Anyways, I have read so many good things about the Supertuck I am leaning that direction but am open to any advice. Thanks, V

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    Any material rubbing against the gun will eventually wear on the finish. It just adds character to your weapon. As far as the Supertuck, it is a great choice. Conceals well and is very comfortable.
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    I have a supertuck, the holster is indeed comfortable. Having said that, I am more of a tradionalist, and just like the feel of the all-Leather. I am particularly a fan of good quality horsehide holsters. This (horsehide, tuckable) is on my short list for my Anniversary

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    Crossbreed Super Tuck is a great holster. If you want a excellent leather holster that you can wear in about any position check out the Pure Kustom Black Ops Pro.

    Dave M.

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    I like them all. I think ALL are comfortable if you get the right holster...

    I have a Crossbreed ST and its fine...Its on the large side and ive noticed some of the pants I can normally CC with are too tight with this holster and thats without a belt on and I can easily slip my leather Snubby holster in these same pants with EASE. and I could easily have slipped om RMLowrider Kydex on with ease also.. so take that a bit into account... the CB ST is a good holster just a bit large and for me does not CC as well as a smaller footprint holster does. it is however comfortable...im thinking of using the CB ST for spring/fall/winter when I can wear a bit heavier stuff to help cover its extra bulk...im thinking of getting a kydex or leather one thats smaller for the summer/shorts/T-Shirt months.

    I have a Tagua Leather holster for my Taurus CH85 Snubby its a decent cheaper holster. It works well is comfortable has the typical leather holster type retention and has a LOT smaller footprint than does the CB ST. thus its easier for the most part to conceal and decently comfortable but not quite as comfortable as the CB ST...but also fits in all my current CC jeans,shorts, etc,etc..where the CB ST does not. This holster is more of a high ride version and im not real fond of high ride holsters normally .... but this works for the snubby.

    The RM LowRider Kydex is a great Kydex holster..I wanted another of these for the Ruger SR9c that I traded my Glock 23 for(I came out way ahead in that deal) its small(thin /narrowest of the bunch), light, COMFORTABLE, you can adjust retention. but the guy didnt have the SR9 mold yet :( . This was the best overall holster ive owned..its smaller,lighter and narrower than the CB ST and was more comfortable also...I got a birthday coming up im hoping to have a new kydex holster by then thats as nice as the RM Lowrider. This holster keeps the guns grip at just the right "depth" above the waistline so that you can get a good grip on the grips for draw but puts the bulk of the gun under the belt line for the best concelability of the bunch. And its super easy on off. Im thinking the closest I may come to the RM in a Kydex is a INFIDEL Holster but not sure thats even as nice...

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    Anything will wear the finish on your firearm; it's just a fact of life. I really like leather but occasionally use a kydex IWB. Use what you like and expect holster wear in a carry firearm.
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