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How the heck do you carry a spare mag?

This is a discussion on How the heck do you carry a spare mag? within the Defensive Carry Holsters & Carry Options forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; The cell phone pouch is one of the best ideas for having it "out-in-the-open'. I'll employ that from time to time. I'd also look at ...

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Thread: How the heck do you carry a spare mag?

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    The cell phone pouch is one of the best ideas for having it "out-in-the-open'. I'll employ that from time to time.

    I'd also look at pocket mag carriers. As most are made for us XY'ers, a good pair of sissors can alter leather to fit in some XX britches.

    maybe sumptin' like this?
    DeSantis MagPacker Magazine Pocket Holster NOW AVAILABLE!

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    I carry in my back pocket for my 1911 in my own design kydex carrier. (full size mag). Not sure if a mag will fit in your back pocket but it might be worth a try.
    I use a carrier to keep the mag upright and accessible.
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    yea, ill obvsiouly have to test it out. i expect it to bunch up a smidge or turn inside out when i draw, but not in a way that will keep me from easily drawing.
    I dont really care if i need to resituate the pouch after I draw as long as it draws cleanl

    I have a friend who insists on carrying his EDC in his trouser pocket and, to do this, he goes to a professional seamstress who modifies and strengthens his pockets accordingly. He has done this for years. My point is that perhaps you to should find a professional seamstress and get some help as to exactly what would work for you - as opposed to someone who can just sew. FWIW!
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    small fanny pack ?

    With one gun I found a cell phone case that works perfectly and even tho it's sitting there in plain view..... everyone thinks it's a cell phone.

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    Check out MCGILLS Master of lenny Mc gills web site carries all kind's of mag carriers & at a good price at that.

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    Okay, I see this thread has risen. So, friesepferd, did you solve the problem?

    I have another possibility - one I like. For about the same amount as a store bought mag carrier, you can have a seamstress (I hope that's not sexist) can create a stealth pocket in levis and shorts.

    I wear mostly stealth tactical pants (501, Popular and LA PoliceGear) where some pockets blend without obvious seams. For example, you wear Levis. If yours have that tiny coin pocket, it could be lengthened and nobody would know. Just make it so the top of the mag is just out of sight and you can pick it out with thumb and finger.

    My LA PoliceGear levis have a pocket just below the main front pocket that is sized for a cell phone. My wife sewed a center dividing seam in it and it's perfect for 2 mags but looks like a cell phone is inside.

    Please let us know how it works out.

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    I'm a (bigger) guy but I carry my mag pouch at 1:00 OWB with my mag pouch being horizontal along my belt line with the top facing to the right side of my body. Even if I were shirts that isn't as loose, you can't see my mags. Its horizontal and towards the middle of me so if I'm on the ground, I can still get to my mags.
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    Quote Originally Posted by usmcj View Post
    my wife gives me points for good 40 years of marriage, I have 2 points :)
    What are these "points" you speak of? I didn't realize they were counted as positives...

    When discussed with household-6, I don't get points, per se, I just lose less....
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    Quote Originally Posted by AzB View Post
    The horizontal belt pouch might work sob.

    That's what I was thinking.
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    Quote Originally Posted by yellow7rr View Post
    I use a cell phone/multi-tool carrier.
    This is what I use to carry just one mag.
    I do have a several double mag paddle holsters for visits to Jax or Orlando.
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    I carry an extra mag on my pockets, but I for the life of me dont understand why horizontal mag carriers/pouches aren't more popular, I mean, they run perfectly along the beltline, and arent such a bother when bending and moving.

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    Left front pocket is best for me. No pockets?

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    It'll take some doing - but - look at the ankle holsters (cheap one's) usually at local gun shows - go to Walmart sewing section - get Velcro, the stretchy stuff, elastic band or whatever they call it - sew a pouch for your mag and try that. I've been meaning too but just haven't done it yet.
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    I carry my 1911 mag in a Bianchi #10A IWB leather mag pouch. They are discontinued but you can still find them here and there. I'm skinny too (5-10 150) and it conceals nicely under a loose T-shirt. I carry a bobtail commander 1911 in Aker Flatsider OWB.

    I think Milt Sparks also makes an IWB mag pouch.
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    Good thread, and I wholeheartedly agree with you - the magazines are the most difficult part to carry. My low tech solutions include:

    1) the modified pocket - any good dry cleaners will have an alterations person there. I don't sew either, so this is where I take my things. You could probably get a pocket alteration for less than 10 bucks.

    2) I've used one of those cheapo $10 Uncle Mikes holsters with the clip, the number one - smallest one with a clip IWB. They are designed for really small guns, but they work GREAT for a phone or a magazine IWB. Even if you don't try the mag there, give it a whirl with the phone, most secure and less bumpy place ever. They are soft on skin and no metal if you are allergic.

    3) My old clip on phone case (that shows when on) works great for my small magazines. I've used the Uncle Mike IWB hoster for my phone, and the phone case for the mags. Just a better fit.

    4) The leather clip magazine holders will work clipped to my levis belt loop parallel to the floor, not perpendicular like designed for. This makes bending easy.

    5) Costco has some super soft and thin and long camisoles by Lady Hathaway, if I wear one of those all that IWB stuff does not chafe or get all in contact with bare skin. $12 for two, and they are thin enough to provide protection without bulk.

    Lastly, if you are not a purse person, why not just do the Smart Carry in addition to your gun holstered elsewhere? You could keep you mags and phone there and ease up on the pockets somewhat. A good travel store might also have all sorts of concealable inside the clothing wallet things to consider for magazines. I had something like a smart carry, but more like a wallet and thinner lower profile that might work for mags.

    Good luck.

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