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This is a discussion on Pocket vs IWB within the Defensive Carry Holsters & Carry Options forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; It all depends...sometimes I pocket carry for convenience, sometimes I carry OWB, sometimes IWB...each has its time and place. Everything being even, I'd take IWB....

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Thread: Pocket vs IWB

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    It all depends...sometimes I pocket carry for convenience, sometimes I carry OWB, sometimes IWB...each has its time and place.
    Everything being even, I'd take IWB.
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    Offduty everyday carry carry is a Glock 27 IWB. At home I pocket carry a Ruger LCP.

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    I use both .....depending on my attire. I picked IWB though!
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    I picked IWB which is my favorite carry style.

    Depending on circumstances, weather, etc; I vary my carry style. I carry a PF-9 and an LCP in my front pants pocket a lot lately.

    I feel most secure with my IWB Crossbreed with a Glock 30; but some situations require me to change to another gun and carry style.
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    I voted pocket carry. I PC a G27, thats 9+1. I IWB an M&P 45 full size. 10+1

    I don't feel like I'm under armed with 10 rounds of 40sw.
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    I do both as well as OWB in winter. I will say that I pocket carry least often since it has been with a G27. However, I just picked up an LCP in time for summer so I may pocket carry more often. The decision is based on dress, leaning toward bigger gun (G23) and/or most comfortable (OWB) as possible.
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    Pocket carry doesn't take a long time to draw if your hand is already in your pocket, especially walking through a parking lot, etc.

    Agreed, drawing from a seated position is problematic.

    I find it's always very easy just to drop the 642 into a pocket and leave it there all day.
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    However, I recently bought a Micro Desert Eagle and one of these to carry it in: Pocket Holsters
    It literally doesn't look/feel any different than a wallet, so it's very convenient.
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    Both. If I'm carrying the PM9 pocket carry is the method. If I'm carrying the P-239 it's IWB.
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    Both. The best way to carry more ammo is in another gun.
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    Don't want to run off w/the thread but "varob".....IWB an M&P fs 45? Dude, how? I just did my first range w/the ms model. Looking at it and wondering....could I IWB w/this? She's pretty big. What do you carry it in? 5'7" and 165. I'm not sure if I could pull it off (but I LOVE the gun)
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    Why not have OWB in the poll?
    I never carry IWB, I don't want to change my pants size to carry IWB.
    I pocket carry a LCP, that is the heaviest gun I want in my pocket.
    I can carry my PPS OWB with a loose shirt covering it. And I can wear my normal pants.
    In cooler weather with a jacket I can carry what ever I want OWB.

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    I'm in the "both" camp. I always pocket carry the LCP, and IWB carry my P225 when getting discovered wouldn't be a catastrophe.

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    I pocket carry my LCP.
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