Pocket vs IWB

Pocket vs IWB

This is a discussion on Pocket vs IWB within the Defensive Carry Holsters & Carry Options forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; Which primary method of carry do you prefer and why? I think Pocket offers the most convenience, the downside is the fact that you may ...

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Thread: Pocket vs IWB

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    Pocket vs IWB

    Which primary method of carry do you prefer and why?

    I think Pocket offers the most convenience, the downside is the fact that you may have to sacrifice caliber in place for a small frame. Also I carry other stuff in my pockets and with this route, not sure where the other stuff would go.

    IWB offers the ability to carry a larger caliber/firearm comfortably but sacrifices some if the discreetness and possibly could be a slower draw, maybe

    Also interested if you do pocket carry what model you prefer? trying to figuere out What size is too large?

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    IWB is faster. I am more worried about retention and deployment than discreetness

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    You left off "both". I prefer the "NY reload"
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    I use both, but I try to dress so that I can carry OWB: more comfortable, more handy.

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    I have a SA XD40 SC, can't pocket carry it.

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    Jul 2008
    Upstate, SC
    I voted, IWB. I tried front pocket carry with a J-frame and a PM9 but I couldn't learn to like it.

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    Jan 2009
    My limiting factors are business attire and the need to be more "covert" than "concealed." Don't need to freak out any clients unnecessarily...

    Of the two, I use pocket carry. However, the Smartcarry is another great option as well.

    I'm trying IWB for the weekends, but my "love handles" might have to go first before its truly comfortable.
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    I pocket carry a 642 everyday. Very discreet. I have to be discreet because of my business. Occasionally IWB a XDsc9......pocket carry is a much quicker presentation....at least for me. I am picking up a PM9.... I plan on trying it also.
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    I carry IWB. Pocket carry my K tec P11 in a desantis nemisis is a chore in all but cargo pants.

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    I voted IWB I prefer appendix carry at that & sometimes tuckable, too.

    However, it's not always that simple. I do & have pocket carried. I have pocket carried a S&W 442, Glock 26, & Kahr PM9, but nowadays, if I do, it's a Kel-Tec P-32 & usually in my back pocket (Wallet holster).

    Front pocket carry can be quick & very discreet, but you are limited in what you're carrying (Size, power, etc). Although I've pocket carried a J-frame, Glock 26, & a Kahr PM9, they are kind of bulky. Also, it's really only good if you're standing alot. If you're sitting alot &/or driving, forget it.

    IWB is typically the standard. It allows you to carry similar to if you're carrying OWB, allows for a quick & easy draw & pretty much allows for any size handgun.
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    Senior Member Array redbird's Avatar
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    Why not list a 3rd choice both?

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    Both depending on the clothing.

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    Member Array CenCal's Avatar
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    I love to pocket carry my Kahr PM9.

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    you can always find a good IWB holster to conceal a gun with any type of clothing, and it is a much faster draw and bigger caliber/mag capacity. pocket carry takes a long time to draw if using a pocket holster, usually smaller caliber/less mag capacity. i find IWB much more comfotable, with a good holster.
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    I have both holsters but normally drop my Kahr P380 in my pocket. I have a Minotaur MTAC for my Glock 23 and it is comfortable, but I like to keep my shirt tucked between the holster and me. It is pretty hot in Georgia to wear a cover shirt over a t-shirt, so that rules out carrying my Glock often. I think after I get the MTAC broken in a little more and during the fall/winter I'll carry the Glock more though. I do like the ease of dropping the Kahr in my pocket and how easily it conceals in regular pants, jeans, and gym shorts in my Desantis Superfly pocket hoslter.
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