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is there anyplace you DON'T carry?

This is a discussion on is there anyplace you DON'T carry? within the Defensive Carry Holsters & Carry Options forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; I make it as simple as possible. I don't carry where it is a criminal act to have a gun. Those places are very few ...

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Thread: is there anyplace you DON'T carry?

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    I make it as simple as possible. I don't carry where it is a criminal act to have a gun. Those places are very few and far between.
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    is there anyplace you DON'T carry?
    The only places I don't carry are those places I am not allowed to carry by law in my state. I always carry everywhere else, plain and simple. CC is not a part time opportunity. Those who possess a CC permit should fully indulge themselves in the meaning and what it entails. Anyone who carries concealed with a permit should carry concealed at all times according to their local laws. Anyone who CCs should know their local laws and abide by them. I fully support our 2nd amendment rights, and in so doing, I feel there is no middle ground. If you want to consider yourself a concealed carrier, met the criteria, downed yourself a permit and gone through all of the red tape......why would anyone want to think that it's a part time or just whenever you feel like it routine? CC has principles behind it, and words and wisdom to back it even if our present government decides to ignore it and written into this country's basic foundation of principles so long ago. I personally think nothing less of those just testing the waters for whatever means. We all have the right.......thing is, I get confused about those who would simply want a permit....obtain it...and then decide to use it whenever they feel the time is right. It should be a core value for one to abide by, and carry all of the time according to dictated laws and their area. Most of us (by law) are paying for these rights already spelled out in the constitution. As a paying customer (as if they didn't already tax me for being alive and making a living), I'm going to get everything available (under domination). In short...use your CC permit to the fullest extent of what's available IMO. If you don't, you're only kidding yourself, and spitting on the graves of those whom have made it a possibility that we can do what we do today to protect ourselves, and support our country for what it should be despite all of those who would attack us and our principles foreign and domestic. Don't let your mind weaken the cause. I'm just's time to take back America for ourselves and let nothing get in the way. Teamwork. I've always heard the concept....I'd like to try and implement it......but I (we) need the rest of the team to support it before we go on. Always carry.

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    Most every place I go, if carry is prohibited I don't need to be there anyway.

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    Quote Originally Posted by spar10 View Post
    the thread about carrying at the gym has inspired this question. i can't understand why anyone would want to carry at a gym while working out but it has me thinking...

    excluding all of those obvious places we're not allowed to carry - where don't you or won't you carry?
    well if i was a bad guy, a lonely gym seems like a good place to rob people...sorta...i see people come out with the gym bags, all tired...probably cant fend for them selves. so they look like easy targets to me...

    the gym i will be joining is 24 hrs 7 days aweek. and u need a key card to get in...i can imagen the stupid ididot that will allow a tail gater in the building...


    shower...but it'll be close by like msot people have said.


    beach/pool...i barely i havent put much thought in to this yet...


    cant think of anything else...

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    I don't carry in church, and a friend of mine's house. I carry every place else I legally can
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    Quote Originally Posted by Exodus View Post
    Beat me to it. I have had a crazy thought involving a cheap gun (like a used Sigma), a powerful magnet, a ziplock bag and tile adhesive.
    maybe a pelican case could work?

    ziplock bags arent 100% water proof...though they like to believe it =].

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ice Man View Post
    I will generally leave my pistol in the car if I am going to the bar for more than a drink or two. Packin' while intoxicated is .04 BAC in MN and it will cost you a night in jail and your permit for 180 days. Booze and guns dont mix anyway.

    If the sheepdog wants to get likkered up, the teeth get put away for the evening.
    The man is right! If you want a drink, leave the gun - liquor and guns don't mix. I am also from Minnesota, but liquor and guns don't mix in any state.

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    one other place I forgot......the nudist beach
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    Quote Originally Posted by wraymusicman View Post
    +1 Good on him for disarming when there will be drinking involved. Guns and alcohol (more than 1 beer for myself) DO NOT MIX.
    Quote Originally Posted by svgheartland View Post
    Seems to me that if I guy says he's going out for some drinks, and responsibly leaves the weapon at home, and admits it on this forum knowing that he'll probably get flamed, we should give him congrats for not mixing the two and not pass moral judgement on him. Some guys like their drinks. Matter of fact, I know that there's plenty of beer guys on DC and I'm one of them. (I'm distracting the Thread I know). But I can't see a reason to poke him in the eye for behaving responsibly in light of not carrying. Personal decision. I think this is still America. Better for all of us if he knocks back 8 beers and CC's?
    Exactly! It's made very clear in TX CHL classes, if you are going to drink, you don't carry. (also +1 for beer)
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    Excluding all of those obvious places, I carry 24/7.

    I've a gun right next to me while taking a shower and rely on my German Shepherds to tell me if I need to go for my shotgun.

    I don't go anywhere without my guns. No guns, no go.

    Such is life.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Hiram25 View Post
    How would you feel if events placed your parents in harms way, and your weapon was not with you? I've carried weapons for over 40+ years, my parents are used to it. I feel about my Mom (My Dad passed away a couple years ago) as I do the rest of my family. If I can protect her, I will do it.
    I was thinking the same thing^^^^... Remember 100% of home invasions HAPPEN AT HOME!
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    Accuracy ALWAYS WINS! So carry what you can hit with.

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