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What position do you carry in?

This is a discussion on What position do you carry in? within the Defensive Carry Holsters & Carry Options forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; 9:00 in OWB 11:00 in OWB for light t-shirts...

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Thread: What position do you carry in?

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    9:00 in OWB

    11:00 in OWB for light t-shirts
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    Kel Tec P3AT .380 IWB @ 3:30 - 4:00 or right front pocket.

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    Star bkm 9mm Shielded holster IWB 3:00-4:30 ... depending on what I wear and what I am doing ...
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    8:30 or 9:00 o'clock, OWB paddle or beltslide, usually Kydex, sometimes leather.

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    IWB at 4:30-530
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    Both, standing AND sitting!
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    Quote Originally Posted by Zundfolge View Post
    IWB 3:00

    I find it conceals better there than 4:00 (for one thing your arm covers it ... and when you bend over the butt isn't sticking out farther than your butt), plus I can get to it in the car (and the constant pressure from the gun isn't denting the seat).
    I carry either my Sp101 or P229 at 3:00 or 3:30 for the same reason.
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    8:00 OWB I'm a lefty. had to get used to getting into my car without rubbing the door frame, don't have the same problem with my truck.

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    OWB at three o'clock in leather holsters only.

    EXCEPT for my j-frames, which I carry OWB crossdraw.

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    I carried my S&W Airweight cross draw. I was also carrying my SA XD40SC cross draw with a Galco holster, but to re-holster you had to remove the holster to put the weapon back into it. dukalmighty made me a holster and I now carry OWB at about 3:30, very comfortable .

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    OWB at 4-4:30, though I've been moving that around lately to accommodate my larger gun.
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    Crossdraw, Shoulder, IWB 0330, OWB 0330...

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    I carry all my pistols @ the 4:00 position. For me it's an effective defense stance in most situations.
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    4-5 o'clock seems to print least for most, more especially with full size iron. Because of the position on the body the firearm should be canted for easier draw. I'm of the 5 variety OWB. I'm just not comfy in an IWB. 32 waist 170lbs. Remember folks, wear what's most comfortable or you will be less likely to carry. But carry!


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    Arrow So many holsters, and so little time...

    It depends on the holster style mated with my dress code for the day. Frankly, I look at holsters as I do a pair shoes and I have a few. Still, I prefer an appendix carry for security and ease of draw. Many of the hip mounted holsters tend to ride too high for my taste. These require an articulated reach that I find awkward. Likewise, some of the IWB designs seem to cover about one-third of the hip area with bulky fasteners and plate like’ panels. Currently, I have 2-OWB and 2-IWB & 1-Shoulder Rig. When I think of how much I’ve spent on these darn things, I get sorta queasy.
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