Keeping your pocket holster in the pocket during the draw

This is a discussion on Keeping your pocket holster in the pocket during the draw within the Defensive Carry Holsters & Carry Options forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; I have a few of the Nemesis holsters. I think it depends on the suit pants - in mine, the Nemesis still allows the grip ...

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Thread: Keeping your pocket holster in the pocket during the draw

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    I have a few of the Nemesis holsters. I think it depends on the suit pants - in mine, the Nemesis still allows the grip of the pistol to print too much for my liking. They work well in heavier fabric weight pants, for me anyway.
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    Maybe how you are drawing too. I carry a J-frame...much lumpier and bigger and in a Nemesis. If you draw HARD and FAST...the holster will catch and stay. Kind of an up and wrist twist go gun goes one direction and the holster goes straight up.
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    I use a DM Bullard front pocket holster. I have already broken it in so mind does not come out of the pants. What also helps the holster not come out is a pointy edge at the top of the holster that actually snags into the pants which prevents the holster from coming out. I practice drawing on the LCP and I have had not problems.
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    That is why I make sure that my pocket holsters look like this.....

    The "hook" catches on the back of the pocket and will not come out. Sometimes you really have to work with it to get it out, even when you want it out......
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    Ours has a thumb push also.

    Pocket Grabber Instructions

    Pocket Grabber


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    Quote Originally Posted by 10thmtn View Post
    ret - If you wear business suits, you will very clearly be able to see the outline of a gun in your pocket unless you have a pocket holster with an anti-print panel. The panel makes the holstered pistol look like a wallet, PDA, or other rectangular "something" that isn't a gun.

    The material dress slacks are made of is thin, and prints like crazy - especially when you sit. If you look carefully, you can actually see the square outline of the double-sided tape! Of course, no one is likely to look that closely, and it doesn't scream "GUN" to easily offended sheeple...

    Regular pocket holsters are OK for jeans and such, but don't work real well for dress attire in my experience.
    I seldom wear suits anymore. I do wear good quality dress slacks. In the warmer months I sometimes wear a light weight wool tropical. Because I carry stuff like keys in my pockets It is not hard to ruin a $350 pair of slacks. I always have the tailor double line the pockets. I don't carry in the pocket for that reason. Suit and dress trouser pockets are also cut differently than jeans. That makes drawing straight up difficult. As a thought though, you might buy a couple denim iron on rectangular patches. Fit and then iron onto a pocket turned inside out.
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    The best way that I have found is to get your grip and then push against your thigh as you draw. This makes the material adhere to the pants pocket better and the holster stays put.

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    I know his wait time is a PITA, but Mika's design just works. I use the same holster for my Taurus 85 and sp101 with never a false pull or a catch. They aren't pretty, but best pocket holster I've used.
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    Like any other mode of holster carry, drawing from a pocket holster requires practice to the point of muscle memory taking over. I designed a pocket holster with a removable panal that works equally well for both front and backpocket concealed carry with and without the panal.

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    Quote Originally Posted by retsupt99 View Post

    No one listens... cannot come out of the pocket on the draw...I have several of these.
    It the thumb push...

    Fist Pocket Holster, w/Thumb Push
    +1 on the Fist Holster. I have one in kydex for my PM9, the thumb push it great.

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    Several comments: The "thumb push" eliminates the holster from coming out. As you press down and into your pocket on the solid area known as the thumb push you are pulling out your firearm--wallah--situation solved. You can adapt any pocket holster by merely glueing a piece of old bike tire at an appropriate place on the holster that, based on your holster and your individual way of reaching for it in your pocket, will act as a thumb push platform. I have also used bike inner tube material on an old Mikes pocket--I cut a length that was about 2 inches longer than the bottom of the holster, cut it lengthwise and glued it to bottom of holster with the holster bottom inside the cut open inner tube. Bent over each side of inner tube that extended over the edge of the holster so each end had a "hook" and reinforced the hooks and the entire inner tube with some "sticky tennis/hockey" type tape wrap and then just placed a little of the glue on the outside of this tube edition to sort of bind the tape. Not pretty but it works--the simple holster now has "hooks" on each end that bend into your pocket and secure it and the little glue on the outside gives the bottom of the holster a "tackiness", which is also helpful. The simplest way, as mentioned first, is to just glue a piece of bike tire on the edge side of holster at a height consistent with how you would be pushing down on your thumb as you attempt to remove your firearm--works really good. As a matter of fact I added a secondary platform to the FIST holster because I find a slightly lower thumb push platform to be more comfortable when I try to remove my firearm.

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