What are the best ankle holsters out there?

This is a discussion on What are the best ankle holsters out there? within the Defensive Carry Holsters & Carry Options forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; Hi guys, I'm new here. I just got my Texas CHL and bought a Kahr CW9 for concealed carry. I am going to purchase an ...

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Thread: What are the best ankle holsters out there?

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    What are the best ankle holsters out there?

    Hi guys, I'm new here. I just got my Texas CHL and bought a Kahr CW9 for concealed carry.

    I am going to purchase an ankle holster for my Kahr but I have absolutely no experience with any kind of holsters, whether ankle or IWB.

    I'm a big guy so ankle carry will be the most comfortable for me. I know it's not the most tactical but I will be more apt to carry on my ankle versus in waistband etc.

    Anyway, I need to know what companies make the best ankle holsters for the best price. Comfort and weapon held securely in ankle holster being the #1 objective.

    I've seen some others mention the Galco cop ankle band but was just wondering if there are others that may be more comfortable, more secure, more economic, etc.

    All responses are much appreciated.



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    Welcome to the Forum!

    I ordered a Bulman 4 months ago-let you know what I think of it when it gets here...

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    I'm a big fan of the generic Uncle Mikes ankle holsters. I have three of them. One for my LCP, one for my J-Frames, and one for my Kahr PM9. They all come with optional Velcro attached thumb snaps for retention. I've worn one everyday for the past 2 years and have no complaints.
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    galco ankle glove. you get what you pay for. cheap ankle holster makes for problems in the long run.
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    Renegade........extremely comfortable and will not break the bank.

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    My vote:
    5 Shot Leather........Mr. John Ralston

    Quality, Quality, Quality...........his holsters are terriffic.

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    Ditto on the Galco, with the optional calf strap.....but overall, ankle rigs are not the best, really hard to get to for me and bang on the door jamb everytime i get in and out of my truck.
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    Quote Originally Posted by harley2007 View Post
    Ditto on the Galco, with the optional calf strap.....but overall, ankle rigs are not the best, really hard to get to for me and bang on the door jamb everytime i get in and out of my truck.
    I second the calf strap....I carried my MK9, and occasionally my P239/.40 in an ankle holster...
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    Another vote for the Renegade. I have both it and the Galco w/calf strap.....I find the Renegade more comfortable, and very secure.

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    WELCOME to the Forum and Congrats on acquiring your your CHL.

    You've chosen a good CCW. For those on the forum that ankle carry, the Glaco rig is pretty popular.
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    I've used the Renegade ankle holster for many yrs to carry my S&W 442 & had no issues. I later ankle carried a Glock 26 for my BUG & used the Galco ankle holster & one other one that I forget the name of. I ended up getting another Renegade for it. They just plain work & they're comfortable.

    I might add that I used it for work, so I needed something that'd be comfortable for 12+ hrs per day & wouldn't have any issues during foot pursuits, climbing fences, walls, etc.

    Regardless of my opinion & experience, on an ankle holster, I think one should try them on as their comfort is very subjective.
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    uncle mike's

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    I tried a few before buying an Alessi holster. I'm a big guy too and I'm very comfortable with ankle carry. I've carried a Glock 27 in an Alessi holster for years and years with ZERO problems. Granted the Alessi model is expensive, but you get what you pay for!!

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    Just to throw another maker into the mix.
    Check out the Ritchie Leather Ankle Rig. He uses premium felt padding, top grade leather, high quality velcro and a metal cinch buckle. Nothing cheap in its components. Yes it is expensive but you will only have to purchase once and it will give years of service and still be ticking.

    Good luck in your search.

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    I've tried, I think, 5 different ankle rigs including an Alessi, for a J-frame. I have a really nice DeSantis leather one that is comfortable but won't work with some narrow pants. I recently tried a DeSantis that is built like a Renegade. It works fine over lace-up boots, but I have come back to the Renegade for comfort and concealability.
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