MTAC or CTAC for Glock 26

MTAC or CTAC for Glock 26

This is a discussion on MTAC or CTAC for Glock 26 within the Defensive Carry Holsters & Carry Options forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; I am trying to decide on which of these holsters I want for my Glock 26. I almost always wear an undershirt so I am ...

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Thread: MTAC or CTAC for Glock 26

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    MTAC or CTAC for Glock 26

    I am trying to decide on which of these holsters I want for my Glock 26. I almost always wear an undershirt so I am not real sure I need the MTAC. I have a little "extra" around the middle, but nothing horrible. If you have either of these, let me know how you like them. I bought an Alessi belt slide holster for it to try. It is a very nice holster, but I prefer IWB. If anyone is interested in the Alessi, send me a PM. It is basically brand new.

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    I have the ctac and love it. I chose that over the mtac because it was slightly thinner. I purchased one for the my H&K P30. It isn't uncomfortable without an undershirt either.

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    I have a C-Tac. I like how thin it is for an IWB. The only time it bothers me is while driving, otherwise I really don't notice it.
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    I am a "fluffy" guy myself and I had given up on IWB. Until I read reviews of MTAC holsters. I have had the MTAC for about 2 weeks now. LOVE IT! Honestly i went with it because of the extra backing and it looked better. Shouldn't matter since you dont see it. If I wore an undershirt everytime I CCW I would look at the CTAC just to save some $$. I did get the standard clips because I like the weight of the gun to be on my belt not my pants.
    It took a week or so to really start to break it in and become really comfortable. I can see the shape it is taking on when I take it off at night...
    I am going to do a more in depth review soon. BTW I carry a G27.
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    5ft 11", 245 Lbs, MTAC

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    Been carrying my P7 in a CTAC for about a year and a half and I love it! Got one for my M&P 9fs as well but I haven't added that gun to my permit yet so I've only worn the holster around the house/ at the range.

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    You have to list every gun you carry in Nevada?

    Quote Originally Posted by VegasChris View Post
    ... I haven't added that gun to my permit yet ...
    You're saying that you have to give them a list every firearm that you are going to carry?
    Last edited by Savior Sound; May 5th, 2010 at 09:27 PM.

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    I have a CTAC for my USPc and an MTAC for my 1911. Honestly, I prefer the CTAC. The leather backing on the MTAC is very pliable, and doesn't hold the gun as well as the all-kydex CTAC. It also tends to collapse a bit when the pistol is drawn, making it harder to re-holster.

    Both are good holsters, and the MTAC is slightly more comfortable than the CTAC, but if I had to choose one, I think the CTAC wins out. Just make sure you wear a good long undershirt to keep it off your skin.

    My CTAC has held up for several years with only a busted clip or two, which have been promptly replaced by Comp-Tac, and for free.
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    I use an MTAC with my G26 and I love it to death. I have some love handles and it rarely bothers me a bit. I can drive for hours and I hardly notice it. I say that G26/27 and an MTAC are a winning combo. Maybe order a spare set of clips, but everyone tells me that the new ones last forever.
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    My G27 (EDC) goes in a C-Tac every day; appendix carry and without any problems.
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    I've got both for my G23. My MTAC is certinly the more comfortable of the two and is my primary (utility) holster during the warmer months......but I'll go without an undershirt most of the time.

    If I'm wearing an undershirt and/or 'derssing up' the CTAC gets the call.

    I love 'em both!

    A little mole skin glued to the back-side of the CTAC makes it better to wear I'm told, but I havn't tried that yet. I've worn the CTAC without an undershirt and it's just fine for me unless it's on for more than a couplehours......thin it gets a little uncomfortable, but still not too big a deal.

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    I have both for my 27. The CTAC has better, more positive retention. However, as someone mentioned, it is a little uncomfortable while driving. I have yet to try the moleskin to see if it helps.

    The MTAC is more comfortable long term. The leather does give and retention is not quite as good as the CTAC. I have the retention screws as tight as they will go and even removed the rubber inserts to get it even tighter.

    Good luck.
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    i have the MTAC for a sig p239. works great, very comfortable. easy to reholster, absolutely no problems with that. retains its shape just fine. i'd go with mtac. will work with an undershirt or without.

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    Consider the Spartan as well, thinner than the MTAC and comfortable against the skin.

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