How do you know when you have TOO MANY holsters?

How do you know when you have TOO MANY holsters?

This is a discussion on How do you know when you have TOO MANY holsters? within the Defensive Carry Holsters & Carry Options forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; When you order one you already have!! Fortunately, it wasn't an expensive holster. I decided to get a cheap Uncle Mike's #4 to keep the ...

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Thread: How do you know when you have TOO MANY holsters?

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    Smile How do you know when you have TOO MANY holsters?

    When you order one you already have!! Fortunately, it wasn't an expensive holster. I decided to get a cheap Uncle Mike's #4 to keep the trigger covered during my daily briefcase carry (got tired of carrying in a zipped planner) so I ordered one online. I go to my "holster box" to find something temporary and what do I have? A brand spanking new #4. Geez. Oh well, at least I don't have to wait for the new one to come in the mail!!

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    when theres none left in the store, I have a whole lot of holsters
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    We now have access to Tagula holsters, very nice and decent pricing, I am slowing getting a IWB and thumb break pancake for every gun I have. I love brown leather holsters, tempted to get into cowboy shooting just so I can wear the gun belt!

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    I have about 8 holsters for 4 of my guns.
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    I wasn't aware that you could have too many holsters!
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    I dont know...I have 3 and im done..normally 1 per gun is good with me. I make sure to do a LOT of homework before I get something..I DONT want to waste $$ on the "drawer full'o holsters" for the money some have in holsters they barely use, just were not right, or only occasionally use I could probably have 3 more guns or a bunch of practice ammo...

    I have 2 CC guns a:

    Ruger SR9c for that I have a Crossbreed and a Comp-Tac Infidel .

    I also have a Taurus CH85 and for that I have a Tagua Leather holster..thats it.

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    If you have more holsters than your wife has might be a gun nut.....(with apologies to Jeff Foxworthy)
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    Two is one, one is none.

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    Quote Originally Posted by grady View Post
    Two is one, one is none.


    I'm at about a 3:1 ratio between holsters and guns.

    Oddly enough, I still find myself using the cheapos for days when it's over 100 degress and I'm working in the woods. Everything has its place .
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    Holsters for men are like’ purses for women. Ok, the there are some gals on the forum that feel similar. Yes ‘PAX’ and ‘LIMATUNES’ I’m referring to you! As it is, I can’t think of any other accessory that’s more frustrating than the ever elusive, diamond in the rough - perfect holster. Many of us will likely end up with a couple of IWB’s, OWB, and an alternate carry.
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    Actually...the answer is you need more guns to fill the holsters...
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    Quote Originally Posted by SIGguy229 View Post
    Actually...the answer is you need more guns to fill the holsters...
    SIGguy229 hit it right on the button!
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    How do you know when you have TOO MANY holsters?

    When the Wife says something about the Drawer of Rejection...

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    You know you have too many holsters when you have holsters for guns you have never owned...
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    Wow - I wish I had that problem! I have a cheap ($12 or so in Dec. 2008) Blackhawk IWB for my SW 3913...and that's it! While it has done great service, it's starting to get quite worn in a few spots.

    When I bought it, the clerk at the gun store said it would be good for about 6 months or so before it wore it's going on 18 months! It's got a smallish hole where the barrel rests and a few worn spots where the decocker hits it, but otherwise it's held up pretty good. I think I've gotten my money's worth out of it for sure.

    I've been planning to pick up a nicer IWB in leather, but I never dreamed it would take me a year (and more, now!) to get another job! (The Detroit area - it's like New Orleans/Katrina without the water.)

    Disclaimer: the above is NOT a request for charity!
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    It cannot, however, be put back from where it came." --Quicksabre

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